Oct 11, 2012

BoobieThon 2012 - Week in Review Part II


$841.72 USD

This is the continuation of the review of the first week of our 2012 BoobieThon.

On Saturday afternoon, October 6th, there were some very fun & creative events.  The first was the En Garde Tournament held at the Prop Spinners Flight Deck and hosted by Miss Stereo Nacht.
Miss Nacht develped the tournament with a mind to fun and fund-raising - registration fees split between the winner and the BoobieThon donation kiosk, strip play, and creative awards.
A wonderful time was had by all participants.

Podrully Pecable listens to the BoobieThon report at the Winterfell Moot

Laird Neill, Eva, & Scout
Wildstar Beaumont

Later that evening, Miss Zanya hosted a lingerie event at the Charity Way with music provided by DJ Piper Steampunk.

 I was unable to attend either of these events due to real life commitments and am hoping that someone captured some photographs that they would be willing to share with the readers of this journal.

Sunday, October 7th found the Chess Garden in Winterfell filled with activity. BoobieThon Chess Tournament! Six hardy players sat down to the chess boards at the beginning of the tournament as onlookers filed into the gallery.  It was a lovely event.  I believe it may have even inspired several of us to dust off our chess pieces at home and prepare for next year!!  :)

Later in the evening, Co-Chairs, Rowan Derryth and PJ Trenton, opened the 3rd Annual BoobieThon Art Auction at RoHaus Gallery in Magna Carta.  The event was well attended and the bids are already beginning to soar for many of the fabulous original & limited edition art pieces.  The last bid will be taken on October 12th!  Please don't miss your chance to own one or more of these fantastic pieces - and support the Feel Your Boobies Foundation while you are at it.

Finally - we must mention that Scout Danger has done a remarkable job of coordinating, maintaining, and managing the BoobieThon Vendor Faire in Winterfell.

For the first week, the Second Life login page featured BoobieThon and this vendor faire location specifically.  Thankfully that increased the traffic to the area for sales and education about the work of the Feel Your Boobies Foundation.