Nov 23, 2008

USS Loch Avie

It was a great party the other night! Many, many thanks go out to Iason Hassanov for his work on the build of the aircraft carrier. Thanks most certainly must also be sent to Otenth Paderborn who did a fantastic job with the playlists and requests as he DJ'd the event.

Mr. Iason Hassanov and Miss Hypatia Callisto

Now I have to grumble a bit. YouTube has taken down two (count them - two) versions of a short photo montage I made.
OK - the first time, I'll give you. I had decided to use Jump with My Baby by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I knew the risks. Even though my copy of this song is fully legal, I was not sure if they would allow use in this instance. I found out - they will not.
So then I used a Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters song that I found on which is supposed to be safe for podcast use. Apparently not.
And so version three was created with music from PodSafe. Not precisely what I was looking for, but it works.

So now I invite you to use your imagination: Picture Bob Hope and the rest of the crew standing on the stage as a young group of musicians joins them on the deck of the carrier and begins playing a peppy tune for the guys and dolls to dance to.