Mar 31, 2007

Happy Rez Day and Script-a-versary ZenMondo Wormser

We Caledonians do love a good party. Last night thanks to the hospitality of Ms Becky Book, and the music of DJ Gabrielle, otherwise known as Duchess Carntaigh, many of us traveled to Pleasure and celebrated the SL of ZenMondo Wormser and his Code Poetry, which started 11 days after he was rezzed. The dress for the evening was binary: black and white. Awards for best dressed in theme were handed out to Mr Chaplain and Ms Calisto.

Ms Becky Book, ZenMondo, and DJ Gabi are pictured with me (above).

Pictured above are Ms Hypatia Calisto, Mr Nux Chaplain, Ms Lapin Paris, Ms Becky Book, Mr Adec Alexandria, me, and ZenMondo

A shot from above in the early moments of the gathering, which includes a display of a few of Mr Wormser's scripted objects from then and now.

Again with the Synchronized Duchess Dancing??? *grins* Duchess Riel and I are having a great time dancing with Ms Mitsu Figuro, Adec, and Zen.

Later: New builds at the Loch........


I am pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Loch. Bucephalus is his name. He shall surely prove to be mighty in any battle, dispite, or perhaps, because he is of a loving temperament toward his mistress. No doubt you will see us touring around Caledon together.

This is the the hunting and riding gear created by Virrginia Tombola that I mentioned in the previous post.

Mar 30, 2007

Spies, Talk of War and Other Things

This week has moved with all haste toward the weekend. Normally this is not a bad thing, however, I confess I feel a little guilty that I have posted so little here for your review.

Much of the week has been spent in pleasantries and quiet conversations with friends here in the æther. My particular friend, Lady Kate, and I have been steadily planning the manor house, though not much building has taken place since last Sunday. She is also making great strides with brilliant furnishings and exploration gear. Some of that gear may indeed come in handy as this writer goes into the field of battle for Caledon, not only as Duchess Loch Avie, but also as a Colonel in the militia coordinating efforts as I can under the direction of our Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Shang, and our fearless RFL Captain, Lapin Paris. But more on war later....

One evening, Lady Kate and I were exploring Tanglewood. As we did so, we were so pleased to find Darkling Elytis' new shop there. What a wonder!! So organic and beautiful. I am sure that I will enjoy spending more time shopping and exploring there.

I found the most relaxing spot in Ms. Elytis' shop. It was simply too tempting to pass up.

Later the same evening, I received word from Ms. Virrginia Tombola that the hunting and riding habit I had commissioned her to create was ready for a fitting. I arrived at her shop in Tanglewood and promptly went to the airship platform. Noticing the diving board attached there, I HAD to give it a try. What great fun! I think the Loch may need one of these. *grins*
Ms. Tombola pulled my family hunting tartan out of her closet in the form of trim on the habit and wonderful sash and hat decor. I cannot describe how pleased I am with her work. I am sure she and I will continue to do business together. I shall post a picture for your review later - I fear I was so excited about the new gear, that I simply neglected to snap a few poses.

I have now moved completely out of the Moors. *sigh* I shall miss my home and first distillery there. But thankfully the Loch is not so far away that I cannot easily visit my former neighbors at will.

Mr. Jess Patton continues his fine work on the distillery at the Loch as well as the development of the build for the public house, which will be right next door. Both of these are on the waterfront and nearby the telehub. I am sure that we can expect many wonderful impromptu get togethers there as well as things like another game of RIPPER, story-telling, other games, concerts, &c.

Last night I was present as Mr. Shang was discussing the awful events of the night before, described in the following eyewitness account.
Several of us gathered at the Falling Anvil shortly after the guvnah left Tamrannoch on his recon mission throughout Caledon. The nepharious spies must be flushed out! Of course the topic of WAR was the primary point of conversation. Many of us (those who had not previously done so) immediately found the nearest Relay For Life Recruiting Station and signed up for service to our beloved Caledon.

Pictured above are Mr Janitor, a new steampunk friend; Mr O'Toole; Ms Pennyfeather; Colonel Somme; and Mr Stern.

Pictured above with me here are Mitsu Figaro, Hermoine Pennyfeather, Betty Doyle, Aldo Stern, Zenmodo Wurmser, Hotspur O'Toole, and Exrex Somme.

Until next time.....

Mar 26, 2007

Relay for Life, Fun at the Seashore, Building at the Loch, and Oh! So Much Fun at Coughton Court

Given the many events of the weekend, it is a wonder that I can even begin to write this brief journal entry. Let me try to reconstruct the events for you. As I continue in this missive, you will understand why my memory may also be cloudy about some of the events....

Saturday was lovely in Caledon. I found myself in the Loch fairly early in the day meeting with my dear friend, Lady Kate Nicholas. Not only is she the founder of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Natural Sciences, a fine scientist, a member of the Ducal Court, she is also a very fine architect and builder. We conferenced for some time about my vision for the manor house in the Loch. My thought, dear friends, is to create something from my Highlands home - a manor house based on the Fraser Castle. We developed a template for the build and together began placing the prims. I am still selecting textures for the exterior. Late Sunday afternoon we dropped the tower template into place on the Loch. The rest of the build "pad" remains in the sky for now.

Later in the afternoon on Saturday, I ventured over to assist Ms. Virrginia Tombola in set-up for her event at the Caledon-on-Sea Pier. She did a wonderful job with this event! Cheers to you, Virrginia!

Mr Aldo Stern was demonstrating remarkable strength and stamina as he stood on his hands for most of the afternoon at the beach. His lovely wife, Betty Doyle and several others of us looked on as we waded in the water.

As I returned to Caledon later in the day, I discovered that an impromptu ball was being held at Her Grace, Duchess of Carntaigh's Coughton Court. Of course I HAD to join in on the fun. I do love to dance and be with friends after all. Upon my arrival I found a crowd of beautifully dressed and graceful Caledonians and several friends. Shortly thereafter my wonderful friend, Colonel Exrex Somme invited me for a dance. Duchess Riel was dancing nearby with her guest, Adec Alexander.

We all danced so splendidly together that some joked that a new event for the Caledon Olympics should be, "Synchronized Duchess Dancing"

It was not long after our dance was completed, that Duchess Riel changed the tempo and mood of the event. We were all encouraged to get a bit more comfortable and join in as the music became very electronic - and very....well...driving.
The mood of the assembled crowd changed dramatically. I believe that I can safely say a GOOD time was had by all. I believe I shall let the following images speak for themselves for the most part.

Kate Nicholas really let the music take over as she and Colonel Somme danced near an object that was created just for her at my suggestion by Duchess Riel. (above)

Not wishing to be be outdone by Colonel Somme and Ms Nicholas, my dear friend, Mr O'Toole and I got in on the act. (above)

A sultry tango with Mr. ZenMondo Wormser. (above)

The excitement and wild abandon lasted well into the wee morning hours.

The next day it was, perhaps, a little difficult to arise from my bed. One really should remember that drinking and dancing well into the early morning can and does decrease one's ability to get moving several hours later. Oh well - I daresay that the sights and sounds of the "Drunken Duchesses" and the "Duchess Sandwich" *ahem* will not soon be forgotten. Even in Caledon, we do need to let our hair down every now and then.

Later in the afternoon I was most privileged to join the rest of the Caledon Relay for Life team and many other guests at Coughton Court for the Kickoff Event. Sadly the lag was so bad for me that day, that I captured no photographs of the beautiful event. But I am so pleased to report that over $15000L were raised to assist in the battle against cancers of all types. WONDERFUL!! Thanks to everyone for their continuing generosity. And do be on the lookout for more Relay events - including WAR. But more on that later....

Mar 24, 2007

Mar 23, 2007

Welcome to the Red Rose of Caledon

Dear Friends,
I am most pleased to have joined the many Caledonians who have moved further into the æther. Do be patient with me as I develop this Blog. Life in Loch Avie - and in all of Caledon - does keep one rather busy. I shall endeavor to keep a Caledon Civic Booster Events Calendar updated for you here, as well as transcripts of the newsletters that are distributed throughout the land. One shall also be able to view updates on building projects in Loch Avie. As with many other Blogs, this one will include anecdotes of my journey through Second Life including information about the exploits of the explorers from The Royal Society for the Advancement of Natural Sciences.

This afternoon I shall meet with the Caledon Relay for Life team as fundraising event planning continues. Kudos to Ms. Lapin Paris for chairing these events for our nation. I will certainly be sharing more information as it is known. Please do be aware that the Kickoff Ball - of course the first event for the Caledon Relay for Life efforts is a ball as we do love to dance in Caledon - will be held in Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh on Sunday, March 25th, from 2:00pm - 5:00pm SLT. Our sincere gratitude goes out to Duchess Riel for hosting and providing the music for this event.

Thank you for finding my humble first efforts here in this region of the æther. I will look forward to your visits and comments.


And so it begins...

O my love is like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June;
My love like the melody
That's sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonny lass,
So deep in love am I;
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only love!
And fare thee weel, awhile!
And I will come again, my love
Though it were ten thousand mile.

Robert Burns