May 29, 2007

She stretches languidly and smiles remembering a wonderful weekend

Thanks to all of you for a fantastic weekend of surprises. I am recovered, I believe, from the phenominal Rez Day party thrown by my oldest and dearest friend in Second Life, the Lady Kate Nicholas, and my wonderful cousin, Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel.

Having been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity - and, quite frankly, by the late hours and various forms of recreation - this weekend, I have not yet gone through the photographic evidence. Nor have I been able to spend any time jotting down my thoughts for you.

For now, please know that I realize that I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends in SL, and that I am proud to be a part of something that allows us to have great fun, let our hair down, (my party and the Pirate Rave), get a little muddy, AND support a wonderful cause such as fighting cancer (the Pirate Rave).

More to come....including the details and the photos.


May 23, 2007

Therapeutic Singing.....anastaa ajaksi Avustaa Elinikäinen???

Therapeutic Singing....appropriate for Second Life???

My human discovered that she will be traveling to Finland this summer. This came as a complete surprise to her when her spouse announced that his business will be sending him there for a European conference in July. In the mad dash to get as much information as possible on Helsinki, required visas, passport updates, etc., she discovered the Complaint Choir of Helsinki listed on the end of the wiki article.

The Complaint Choir??? This sounded too good to be true. Following the link to the youtube site, she discovered that there are MANY Complaint Choirs in the world. Why, oh why, has she never known about these before now?? She is a semi-professional singer after all. Good Lord, the fun that has been missed! The therapy of singing through all the injustices (minor and major) that might have been.....*sigh*

Nonetheless, she asked that I offer this selection up to you with the questions: Does Second Life have a Complaint Choir? If Second Life does not, should we start one?

Your comments are strongly encouraged.

May 22, 2007

Счастливый День Rez, Графиня

Happy 1st Rez Day to my first friend in Second Life, my colleague in the Royal Society, and the Countess of Inbhir Abigh in the Duchy of Loch Avie.

We celebrated Kate Nicholas last evening during a lovely sunset and the full moon that followed. She looked radiant in her new deep red Silent Sparrow gown, as she danced the night away with her friends and neighbors.

Notable special friends of hers in attendence were:

Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, Duchess of Carntaigh
Shenlei Flasheart
Callipygian Christensen
Colonel Exrex Somme
Sir Adso Krogstad, ORR
Sir Red Caliber
Sir Edward Pearse
Sir ZenMondo Wormser
Lady Amber Palowakski

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Kate is a woman of many particular talents, not the least of which is building. She will resume work on my Manse in the very near future. I look forward to the results of our collaboration on this. She is also hard at work on a new projection device and screen. This will be detailed further in the blog in the very near future.

Her work with the Royal Society is well known, and the next edition of the Procedings should be published soon. For a sample of what the Society has been studying and working on, please refer to her ætheric site, at this location.

Happy Rez Day, Lady Kate!! I am thankful to have you as a member of my court, as my colleague, and as my friend.


May 20, 2007

The Tournament for Life - A Stunning Success!!

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You find me a most grateful and happy Duchess today. The Tournament for Life, which was devised to support the Relay for Life and to create a space for cultural exchange to take place, was a huge success. The Faire preceding the actual Tournament found most of my guests around the Kissing Booth. A certain gentleman was witnessed donating 40, 000 Lindens for the kisses of our fearless Relay for Life Captain, Ms. Lapin Paris. Well done, sir! And well done, Ms Paris!! The other events of the faire included a knife throwing wheel, a trebuchet, which catapaulted the rider into the waters of Loch Avie near the submarine wreck, found in full description here. Also found were a dueling station and the vending machines which contained all manner of items both Caledonian and Gorean.

Despite the lag in the arena during the tournament, all present described what a wonderful time they had. Sir Telemachus Dean, knight of the Order of the Red Rose and Thor's Hammer, Torvaldsland, was my colleague in the production of this tournament. He also served as referee of the matches.

Thank you, Sir Tele! I could never have done any of this without you. I have sworn fealty to you as you have to me. But please know that you also have my undying friendship and gratitude as well.

Elric Wilburg donated the arena itself and spent much time in the Loch ensuring that all was ready for the battles on the sands to begin. Please search for his work when you are in world. He is a most worthy gentleman. Thank you, sir!

Kalia Anatine, Sir Telemachus' sister, was also an essential part of the planning group. She mobilized the Gorean groups and obtained donations of Lindens, products, and services for our event. Thank you Kalia for all of your work. I am proud to know you, my sister.

Others that must not be forgotten for their efforts: Alfonso Avalanche, Kate Nicholas, Oolon Sputnik, Darkle Sands, Fushia Begonia, Hotspur O'Toole, cinde fete, Brutis Wandin, Gabrielle Riel, Lapin Paris, and the sluts of Torvaldsland.

I would be remiss if I did not send a special note of gratitude to the High Jarl of Torvaldsland, Thor Nielsen. Without his full support of this event, we would not have achieved the successes that we did. High Jarl, I look forward to traveling in your lands again soon. Thank you!

Thanks also to the dignitaries who found it in their hearts to donate 3000 Lindens per seat in the VIP section of the arena.

Now for the news that you have all been waiting for.....


I await the final amount once the vendors are totaled.

Thanks to all!!!

Ever in service to Caledon, I am-
Eva Bellambi
Duchess Loch Avie

(OOC p.s. My apologies for the one grammatical error on the photos...I cannot seem to edit this show. *sigh*)

May 17, 2007

Victoria City Distraction - or What Happens When A Kaiserin Needs to Escape

May 16, 2007

From the Vaults of the Royal Society's World Religions Files

Thanks to the depth of the archives at the offices of the Royal Society for the Advancement of the Natural Sciences, and the brilliant research work of The Honourable Kate Nicholas, we now have the icons of St. Melangell.

A little research on the part of this writer, who is a Fellow of the Royal Society, but whose scientific work has been superceded by her charity work and acts of noblesse oblige of late(and all those parties and Duchess Sandwiches...but I digress), has resulted in the following historical information on St. Melangell.

St. Melangell was the daughter of a Scottish king and an Irish woman and was descended from the Emperor Maximus and his British wife Elen.

The story goes that her father desired to marry her to a chieftain under him, but either she disliked the man or the thought of marriage, and determined to run away. Accordingly she found an opportunity to escape, and secreted herself at Pennant, one of the most lonely and lovely spots in Montgomeryshire, at the head of the Tanat. Her story is represented on the frieze of the carved oak screen of the church there.

In this spot, sleeping on bare rock, she remained for fifteen years. One day Brochwel Ysgythrog, Prince of Powys, was hunting and in pursuit of a hare, when the hare escaped into a thicket, and took refuge under the robe of a virgin of great beauty (Melangell). She faced and drove back the hounds. The huntsman then put his horn to his lips, and there it stuck as if glued. The prince at once granted a parcel of land to Melangell, to serve as a sanctuary.

There she founded a community of women, serving as abbess for thirty-seven years. She lived in a cell which still remains, though somewhat altered, at the east end of the church. She was buried in the church, which was after her death called Pennant Melangell.

Melangell is considered the patroness of hares, which are termed her lambs. Until last century so strong a superstition prevailed that no person would kill a hare in the parish; and even later, when a hare was pursued by dogs, it was believed that if any one cried "God and Melangell be with thee," it would surely escape.

Patron Saint of Caledon and our Guvnah indeed!!

May 14, 2007


We love YOU, Gun Bunnies!!

May 13, 2007


The Honorable Kate Nicholas and Professor Adso Krogstad report on this ship-wreck in advance of the publication of the next edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society. Their findings are found at our official Royal Society for the Advancement in the Natural Sciences ætheric location.

Readers will find more information on the Royal Society activities in these pages in the coming days. Much is happening.

May 10, 2007

Fortunae Rota Volvitur

The saga continues........

Honestly, I had no idea how much diplomacy and negotiation would be required when first my Cousin Kendra was taken at the Reconciliation Day Ball. There have been many behind the scenes acts attempting to assure a greater good, peace, and release of the Kaiserin. To that last point, Baron BardHaven and I did meet and achieve what I believe was my desired end - the Kaiserin released and permitted to reach her boat for passage back to her people. What seems unclear to me still is what BardHaven has described as possible further retribution for the pain and suffering of Clive. I suspect that I have not had my last negotiation with him if I am to prevent such action. We will see. The next move is clearly the Baron's.

As for another of the villains in this affair....

I have been in communication via very secure channels - and primarily by trusted MI 5 messengers - with Hotspur O'Toole. In several of his last intercepted communications, I had the sense that there was discontent, unhappiness, and perhaps even some remorse. Having called him on this, he did in fact reach out to me. Not just for himself...but also for his faithful operatives in CHIT.

What follows is the transcript and my own pictoral documentation of the events of last night. Understanding that I needed her assistance and influence as well, I contacted the Duchess of Carntaigh, who agreed to join me in this venture. We made our way to O'Toole's home in exile. Roma.

[18:40] Hotspur Otoole: Your Grace, I wish to thank you for traveling all the way to Roma to treat with me and mine. It would not be.. politic.. were we to show our face in Caledon at the moment.

[18:40] Eva Bellambi: Say your piece, traitor. You have the the attention of Loch Avie and Carntaigh. But make it swift. The war you started commands our attentions.

[18:41] Gabrielle Riel: Yes, speak traitor, and know that Caledonian blood has been shed for your base amusements. Do you know an innocent girl was shot defending the Governor with her own body???

At this point Agent Pennyfeather stepped forward as if to harm Duchess Carntaigh, but Mr O'Toole placed a hand on her shoulder and she stepped back. It seems he does still have control of his band of miscreants.

Agent Pennyfeather is most threatening to Her Grace, Gabrielle.

O'Toole steps in

[18:43] Hotspur Otoole: (places a hand on her shoulder) Easy, Agent P.

[18:43] Hotspur Otoole: Your Grace, do not speak of that. I did not dangle Victoria City in front of Neualtenburg airships for the sake of a grand diversion while I rescued some distant relation!

[18:44] Gabrielle Riel: How DARE you? It would never have happened if ...

[18:44] Eva Bellambi: Enough, Cousin. We are done here. He has nothing to offer us.

As I moved to leave the villa, I was stopped in my tracks by the next words out of O'Toole's mouth

[18:45] Hotspur Otoole (shouts) How about total victory at Neualtenburg, and an end to the war in one attack?

[18:46] Eva Bellambi: You have our attention. Speak.


At this point, I was handed a picture by one of the CHIT group, a Mr Iason Hassanov. Mr Hassanov seemed to watch me for an inordinately long period of time. I kept a close eye on him even as the negotiations continued. The cold steel of the sgian dubh tucked in my garter provided some comfort to me. I knew that I would be able to find the unprotected spot in this robot's build quick enough should he make any false movement toward me.

[18:47] Hotspur Otoole: I have, in my possession, the Malaprop medium bomber, a devastating new strategic weapon FAR more lethal than our old Da Vinci helicopters. If you will allow me some of the remnants of the Caledonian Air Force and a fleet of militarized transport ships to act as troop carriers, it is possible to smash through the thinnest portion of their anti aircraft gun defenses at the Northern end of their city.

[18:48] Hotspur Otoole: Once the way through their ground defense has been cleared, the path will be open for Pearse to land with the ground militia, and move into the center of the city, seizing effective control of the Neualtenburg government.

Duchess Carntaigh and I made the slightest glance to one another. Our interest was piqued.

[18:49] Gabrielle Riel: What of that great... leviathan of the air that bombed us last week? The...what was she called? The Brynhilde?

[18:50] Hotspur Otoole: Aye, there's the rub. I'm guessing it got shot up pretty badly from all reports. If they have her in the air again, then that changes my plans drastically.

[18:51] Eva Bellambi: True enough. My operatives in Neualtenberg tell me that the Brynhilde is badly damaged thanks to the fine work of Virrginia Tombola and her ornithopter, though I do not think she knows how many hits she actually made. O'Toole, what are the chances of success with the Brynhilde in drydock?

[18:53] Hotspur Otoole: About 70%, give or take.

[18:53] Eva Bellambi: And if she is fully - or even partially - functional?

[18:54] Hotspur Otoole; About 30%.

[18:55] Eva Bellambi: Sir, that is insane! We would not countenance risking the last of the Caledonian Air Force on this mission, no matter how sophisticated the bomber!

At this point O'Toole seemed oddly calm. He took his time in making an answer to me. Walking straight over in front of me. With only a few inches seperating us, he looked directly into my eyes and said

[18:57] Hotspur Otoole: I'm not asking you to. I will take the lead position on this mission.

[18:57] Eva Bellambi: Sir, do you realize what you are saying?

Our gaze remained locked. The serious nature of this conversation demanded no less. There was as much said through his eyes as there was via his words. He continued:

[18:58] Hotspur Otoole: Entirely. However, it makes sense. Who has flown practice runs over Neualtenburg? I have. No one else. I know where their flak emplacements are. I know what kind of opposition we can expect in the air. We BOTH know the level of security within the capital city, Your Grace. You have been there have seen my memos and those of Agent Tinlegs.

[18:59] Gabrielle Riel: Wait a moment, O'toole. You are not the generous type. What is in this arrangement for you?

Slowly breaking eye-contact with me he turned to Duchess Carntaigh

[19:01] Hotspur Otoole: Now we arrive at it. Your Graces.... we.. of CHIT.. are tired of our forced exile. We wish to return to Caledon, not as prisoners, but granted full and unconditional amnesty for our actions (entirely under orders) at the Reconciliation Ball.

[19:02] Gabrielle Riel: WHATT??? NEVER!!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES, BEAST!!

[19:02] Eva Bellambi: Not so fast, cousin...We will discuss this with the Guvnah.

At this point, I noticed that O'Toole pulled out his pocket watch and seemed to look not at the watch-face, but perhaps at a photograph hidden inside. Finally he said:

[19:04] Hotspur Otoole: I fear that would be a waist of our valuable time. I suspect I know the answer of our dear Guvnah already. I fear we embarrass him these days. I don't think he expected us to survive this affair. This offer expires in ten minutes. You have everything you need to decide. I would do so now if I were you!

Stepping a little away from this menacing group, Duchess Carntaigh and I discussed the matter briefly. But we knew what our answer must be.....

[19:07] Eva Bellambi: Very well... we accept your terms. If you and your group of CHITs will do this service to Caledon, we will ensure that amnesty is granted you. IF you survive this peril, the Guvnah will readmit you into Caledon as full citizens.

[19:08] Hotspur Otoole: Excellent. Now, let us discuss the project in detail, as the hour for a strike grows nigh.

Agent Amplebeak and Pilot Frequency Picnic

We discussed his plans at some length before departing the CHIT stronghold. In his exile, he has given this much thought. Frequency Picnic of the air force had been called in to discuss this as well. She believes that the plan will work...if the Brynhilde is not fully functional. She has volunteered to be part of this first wave attacking along with the CHIT. This is a wise decision. Tombola and Pearse will likely feel better with one of their own working along side this group.

And we find ourselves at the beginning of the end.

fidem meam nota

May 8, 2007

Duchess Loch Avie's Photo Album

Cool Slideshows

Contained in this amusing Kaleidoscope album you will find several pictures taken over the last couple of weeks. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
**Red Calibur, Autopilotpatty Poppy, and Exrex Somme share the fun of the Random Caliope Butterfly Hunt #1
**Story telling at the Falling Anvil - Humors of Whisky (how appropriate)
**Me - in full Goth gear as I decorate the Loch Avie Public House
**An entirely different look for me one evening as I stood on the deck of the Pub overlooking the sea
**Moonrise over the Royal Society workshop in County Inbir Abigh (Loch Avie, Caledon)
**Crushing grapes in Roma - hmm a new venture for the Loch???
**Ms Tombola in her ornithopter over Primverness and Vic City. Such skill!!
**Dear Roy Smashcan - "injured" on the machinima set in Victoria City
**Belly dancing at IBM with many friends from Caledon and beyond - Arabian Nights
**Sir Telemachus and Mr Oh training Hotspur O'Toole in the finer points of axe fighting at the arena in Scagnar.

May 6, 2007

Our Diversion

The saga continues.....

With the help of the Hussars of Neualtenberg, Cousin Gabrielle and I will be able to slip unnoticed into the BardHaven Estate to release the Kaiserin. Having secured the cooperation of Baron BardHaven through some rather intense negotiation, I do not anticipate any difficulties in securing her freedom as long as the Hussars perform their duty. (More to follow.)

Message Received Cousin Kendra!!

Plans are well underway. Soon you will be free.

May 4, 2007

Moving pictures of Beltane!!!

Found this little snippet from the Beltane Festivities in the Loch on Dr. Mason's fine journal.


May 3, 2007


It has taken some time, but with a few friends' help I have been able to collect several wonderful pictures from my Beltane celebration to share with you. I freely admit that I was a little bit nervous hosting my first event at the Loch. And I was more than a bit busy at times as I performed the knighting ceremony for 3 extremely worthy gentlemen bringing them into the chivalry and the Order of the Red Rose, lit the Beltane fires whilst sending my voice into the æther for the first time, and juggling multiple IMs and chat conversations. Whew!!

Thanks to all who joined in the celebration. At one point we had nearly 50 people dancing around the Maypole!! It makes me very happy to be hostess to such a fine gathering of Caledonians and other friends.


The unfortunate side of things is that I have very few pictures from the ceremonies themselves. I will share what I have been given, but I ask if you have pictures of Sir Adso or Sir Telemachus that you are willing to share, will you please send them along to me?

The following are the [edited] cermonial transcripts for the Knighting Ceremony and the Lighting of the Beltane Fires

Duchess Loch Avie:
The strength and stability of the State of Caledon lie in these virtues of its people: creativity, service and chivalry - for if any of these are lacking, Caledon fails. The fighters of the Kingdom defend it with their swords and with their honor bring it glory on the field; the scientists and artists provide avenue for advancement, and with their honor bring knowledge and beauty to the citizens and the State.

We are minded to admit ZenMondo Wormser to the Order of the Red Rose. Let him now come forth.

kneels in front of Loch Avie

Loch Avie:
ZenMondo Wormser right mindful of your skill in scripting, your code poetry on behalf of the State of Caledon, and your service to Loch Avie, and responsive to the wishes of your peers,
We are minded to create you
a Member of the Order of the Red Rose.

We are minded to admit Adso Krogstad to the Order of the Red Rose. Let him now come forth.

kneels in front of Loch Avie

Loch Avie:
Adso Krogstad right mindful of your prowess in the fields of science and exploration, and your service to Loch Avie, and responsive to the wishes of your peers,
We are minded to create you
a Member of the Order of the Red Rose.

We are minded to admit Telemachus Dean to the Order of the Red Rose. Let him now come forth.

kneels in front of Loch Avie

Loch Avie:
Telemachus Dean right mindful of your prowess upon the field, and your service to Loch Avie, and responsive to the wishes of your peers,
We are minded to create you
a Member of the Order of the Red Rose.

Will you accept this honor,
and will you swear fealty to Loch Avie and indeed the State of Caledon?

Yes, Your Grace

Loch Avie: Will you now give Us your word that you will henceforth comport yourself as befits a Knight of Our Realm, as you most surely have until now, and that you will attempt in all your endeavors to be a noble example to the people?

Candidates: I will.

Loch Avie: Will you promise further to treat all with Courtesy, and to uphold the Laws and traditions of Loch Avie and the Independent State of Caledon?

Candidates: I will.

Loch Avie: On what sword do you wish to swear fealty?

place sword on the ground at Loch Avie's feet

Here do I swear
by mouth and hand
fealty and service
to Loch Avie
to speak and to be silent
to come and to go
to strike and to spare
to do and to let be
in such matters as concern the Duchy and the State
on my honor
and the lawful commands of Her Grace
in need or in plenty
in peace or in war
in living or in dying
from this hour henceforth
until the Duchess depart this land
or death take me
or the world end
so say I ZenMondo Wormser.
so say I Adso Krogstad
so say I Telemachus Dean

Loch Avie:
And this do I hear,
nor fail to remember,
and I for my part do swear fealty to you,
ZenMondo Wormser,
Adso Krogstad,
Telemachus Dean,
to protect and defend you
and all your household,
with all my power,
until I depart from this land,
or death take me,
or the world end.
So say I, Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Loch Avie
I dub thee Knight.

Know, now that you are made a Knight,
that you must succor the defenseless,
seek justice for those of every station,
and maintain the honor of Knighthood.

Arise Sir ZenMondo. Knight of the Order of the Red Rose.
Arise Sir Adso. Knight of the Order of the Red Rose.
Arise Sir Telemachus. Knight of the Order of the Red Rose.

ZenMondo Wormser approaches his knighting

ZenMondo swearing fealty to Her Grace, Eva Bellambi, Duchess Loch Avie

Arise Sir Zen. Knight of the Order of the Red Rose

At the lighting of the Need Fires of Beltane

The fertile Goddess of Summer walks through the land
With the Great Horned God of the Forest,
And the dark time of Winter is behind me.

"The animals breed and the plants pollinate,
As the May Queen and Green Man
bestow Their blessings upon the Earth
and Earth's creatures.
We, their children,
rejoice with Them and ask that
Their happy union become the example
for all humanity to live in love and harmony."

"I burn thee Birch to honor the Goddess;
and now add thee Oak to honor the God.
Thou Rowan I add for a magickal life;
and add thee Willow to celebrate death.
Thou Hawthorne I burn for fairies near me;
thou Hazel I burn for wisdom you bring.
I add thee good Apple to bring me love;
and thou Vine whose fruit is the symbol of joy.
Fir you are added as the symbol of rebirth;
your sweet scent reminds me of my immortality.
My blessings I give to all of thee,
and thy blessings I call from thee upon me.

"I greet the time of unions and give honor to
the Lord and the Lady for Their fruitfulness!
Tonight I witness the marriage of the Goddess and God.
May Their union be fertile and productive!"

With the ancient words of my forebears I light the Need fires that their warmth and light might spread to all of Caledon.

"The dark days are cleared away
so that the May Day can now begin!"

The gorgeous Maypole created by Kate Nicholas and scripted by ZenMondo Wormser

Dancing with our tireless Caledon Librarian, and good friend, Mr JJ Drinkwater

Sir Edward Pearse proposes to Christine McAllister to the surprise and delight of the assembled crowd.

The Caledon debut of the fireworks created by my friend, and renowned script writer, Radslns Hutchence

May, clad in cloth of gold,
Cometh this way;
The fluting of the blackbirds
Heralds the day.
The dust coloured cuckoo
Cries welcome O Queen!
For winter has vanished,
The thickets are green.
Soon the trampling of cattle
where river runs low!
The long hair of the heather,
The canna like snow.
Wild waters are sleeping,
Foam of blossom is here;
Peace, save the panic
In the heart of the deer.
The wild bee is busy,
The ant honey spills,
The wandering kine
Are abroad on the hills.
The harp of the forest
Sounds low, sounds sweet;
Soft bloom on the heights;
On the loch, haze of heat.
The waterfall dreams;
Snipe, corncrakes, drum
By the pool where the talk
Of the rushes is come.
The swallow is swooping;
Song swings from each brae;
Rich harvest of mast falls;
The swamp shimmers gay.
Happy the heart of man,
Eager each maid;
Lovely the forest,
The wild plane, the green glade.
Truly winter is gone,
Come the time of delight,
The summer truce joyous,
May, blossom-white.
In the heart of the meadows
The lapwings are quiet;
A winding stream
Makes drowsy riot.
Race horses, sail, run,
Rejoice and be bold!
See, the shaft of the sun
Makes the water-flag gold.
Loud, clear, the blackcap;
The lark trills his voice
Hail May of delicate colors Tis May-Day, REJOICE!

A happy, thankful and truly blessed, Duchess of Loch Avie.

Thank you for sharing in this ancient celebration with me and my court. It will not soon be forgotten.

News of the War - or Positive Press for Caledon and Neualtenberg

What a pleasant surprise to find that the lovely reporter, Katier Reitveld, whom I met at the Reconciliation Day event found our story of fundraising for Relay for Life of enough interest to take it to press in Metaverse Messenger

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of ALL the efforts to raise funds for Second Life Relay for Life!!

May 2, 2007


The saga continues......

As I was working on the plans for my Beltane Festival (more to come on that in the near future), and also working through the details of the upcoming Tournament for Life, I suddenly found myself face-to-face with the Baron and Baroness of Bardhaven. They apparently found a way to use radiowaves to send their images and voices into the homes and businesses of Caledon. I was somewhat alarmed that this signal came through on my newest intelligence device as well. Who leaked the secure frequency to them? There are obviously still some renegades to ferret out - even among my own MI 5 staff.

The list of demands from these villains is found below:

Our just demands are as follows …


Kirawill Collingwood clears her throat slightly and leans close to the Baron’s ear. She briefly whispers to him.

Zealot Benmergui: Correction…


Kirawill Collingwood nods firmly.

Zealot Benmergui: Good…going on.

Second, signing of title to the area formerly called Neualtenberg to Gov Desmond Shang to be renamed Caledon Neualtenberg. All steps will be taken by the former Neualtenbergers to expedite immediate Caledonian colonization.

Thirdly, that the Kaiserin and all her pointy helmeted nobles apologize publicly for the brutal murder and sadistic devouring of young Clive Benmergui, followed by a choreographed mass scourging with knotted cords and much lamenting and debasement.

And finally…

Kirawill Collingwood clears her throat slightly and leans close to the Baron’s ear. She briefly whispers to him.

Zealot Benmergui: Ummm…before finally, we also demand a bread pudding, fresh…and two forks sporks. And a nice Zinfandel, chilled.

Kirawill Collingwood smiles prettily and nods.

Zealot Benmergui: And NOW finally…a yearly ceremony in which all Neualtenberg citizens apologize again formally, in person, while wearing pointy hats for all the nuisances they have caused. The throwing of produce and rotting offal will be assumed.

The clock is ticking; Miss Bancroft is depending on her people. I anticipate their prompt reply…or very soon Miss Bancroft may no longer WISH to return.


That is all.

Having received information that the Tanglewood Gun Bunnies are now called into action to protect the threats against our own Desmond Shang, it seems even more important that the process for freeing Cousin Kendra move forward rapidly. Perhaps the usual channels and precautions must be thrown aside for it is not only the Kaiserin and Neualtenberg at stake, but also Desmond and Caledon. Do I need to forego the professional, intelligence and diplomatic processes and resources? Likely.

The following is being sent to Baron and Baroness Bardhaven via several methods:

Understanding that you have not yet heard from Neualtenberg regarding your demands, I would like to discuss a counter-offer to you demands.
I see no issue with meeting some of the items listed. We can certainly provide you with a fine bread pudding as I am rather handy in the kitchen. As for the sporks, I will be willing to part with two of the sporks of war in my collection, which look quite lovely in my curio cabinet. My wine cellar is fairly extensive, and I do love a good red, so the Zinfandel is also easily obtained. But you want it chilled? Please. Reds are best served just below room temperature.

The apologies from Kendra and her people will be more difficult, but my diplomatic skills are not without merit. We should be able to achieve this goal in some format.

The One Billion Lindens - ah - not sure anyone is willing to pay....I mean, I am not sure that anyone has resources to match your demands. However, (long dramatic pause) I believe that I may be able to provide something that would be of interest to you as an alternative, and am willing to discuss this post-haste.

You may contact me by what method you will, and I will make every effort to meet directly with you to discuss my thoughts. We should be able to determine whether these are acceptable measures to secure the Kaiserin's release before any further harm should be done to her.

Eva Bellambi, Duchess Loch Avie
Head - MI 5

May 1, 2007

Beltane Amnesty

Dear Friends -
Tonight we celebrate Beltane in the Loch. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO WAR ROLEPLAY. No villans. No victims. Tonight we are all friends. Thank you for your cooperation in this. We will have a splendid time bringing in spring, dancing round the maypole, and ensuring the fertility of our land!!

See you there.

Interrogation of a friend

The saga continues......

Several of my operatives in the field indicated to me that my friend, Mr. ZenMondo Wormser had been implicated by the villan, O'Toole. Mr. Wormser was reported to have created a code bomb for the renegades in order to prevent Duchess Riel and me from utilizing our Estate Management powers; therefore, ensuring that we were unable to knock him into space and out of Carntaigh. Those who were present at the Reconciliation Day ball will recall that we were dumbfounded when our powers were not working - at all. O'Toole merely sneered at us and said things which do not bear repeating.

I pulled Mr. Wormser into MI 5 for some questioning.

In the end, this is the deposition given:

In a recently intercepted dispatch from the Traitor O'Toole over the events at the reconcilliation ball, to my horror I have found myself implicated in a part of what happened that night.

To quote from the dispatch:

"Had a few words with the Duchesses-- they were threatening dire consequences to your humble servant. At this point I had to execute the malicious code worm for Carntaigh or that would have been the end of things right then and there. Again, as predicted, the code bomb did exactly as Agent Wurmser predicted. Estate controls crashed within seconds. Well worth the money you invested in the Code Poet's skills, sir!"

First I must protest that I am not an member of any Agency, as O'Toole doesn't even know how to spell my name correctly. But I must admit, with a heavy heart that the codebomb is indeed my work.

I was approached by Col. O'Toole then in good standing with the Caledon Militia, and a state of war existing between Caledon and Neualtenburg, with no news of reconciliation on the horizon. The code bomb was to be used as a weapon against Neualtenburg, and I was assured to be used only in the direst of circumstances.

That it was used against Her Graces of Carntaigh and Loch Avie has caused me to lose much sleep, seeing my creation used against those I am well known to serve wholeheartedly.

As to the second accusation against my good name, I took no money in the creation of this weapon. As I had thought I was serving my nation as a patriot, I donated the code, as I do all Code Poetry for free. I did not profit this in any way. Those of you who have used my services for the betterment of Caledon know this about me.

As a pennance (though I fear it may be too late) I am trying to construct a codeshelter that will will make future uses of the codebomb inefficient. It may be an impossible task, because of the fine craftsmanship of the original codebomb but I will at least put my sleepless nights to some use.


Colour Sgt. ZenMondo Wormser, CodePoet.

Methods, which cannot be discussed here, were used to ensure the truthfulness of his statements. I am well satisfied that he was also a victim of this nefarious plot.

the story continues.........

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