Mar 25, 2009

What do you make of this?

"Well I can make a hat. A brooch. A pterodactyl."

Have a look at these results on the Real Life Meet-Up survey at ÆtherChrononauts. It seems fairly clear at this point that there is no ONE major place that the Neo-Victorian/Steampunk sims will meet this year. But perhaps this is the "off year" when folks get together in mulitple smaller venues with a larger con next year.

It looks like there is enough interest to put some specialized events on the SLCC calendar, and we will work with the SLCC Board to do so. Some folks also wish to attend SteamCon in Seattle. There may be opportunity to organize along similar lines there.

There were also a fair number of folks throughout this process asking about it could be that this becomes the east coast location for a group. All these things are to be decided after review of the results and calls for volunteers.

Thanks for your participation!

CaleCon artwork from last year.


Neb said...

Needless to say, I'm available to assist should anybody be interested in a Seattle get-together. I'm only a boat-ride away the Emerald City!

Yours etc.,

Nabila N-Peterman