Apr 29, 2009

Third Annual Beltane Celebration

Please join me for the Third Annual Beltane Celebration - held this year on the rediscovered historical family estate in the Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne. This magical night of dancing and celebrating to Carmina Burana and its many variations, along with a number of medieval fertility pieces is not to be missed! (Thanks, Diamanda, for providing the music!)

We will honor the knights of the Order of the Red Rose on the anniversary of their knighthood. And we will light the Beltane fires...sending some of that light home with you for your own hearths.

The grounds will be set up for exploration and there will be areas for private enjoyment of the celebration. Please be aware that this is a celebration of summer and fertility, and while nudity is by no means mandatory, it may well be expected.

***Stay tuned for further information and an historical discussion of the holiday.***