Dec 21, 2009

The Living Light Concert a Success!

Miss Ariesse Heart

Miss Heart, Mr. Ghost, and Lady Eva

Miss Ariesse Heart charmed the crowd as she led the group of music lovers through an overview of how she is inspired and creates such beautiful works of music. A relatively unknown avatar in Second Life, she is one of the best known composers/arrangers of sacred choral music in the (real) world. She has published over 1700 individual works.

In real life she is the wife of Mr. Icarus Ghost's human. They have been married a number of years, and as all learned last night, they are on occasion a creative team on lyric and music composition.

Miss Heart and Mr. Ghost

The crowd were rapt in attention to the music; however, the open chat format of our conversation with Miss Heart proved to be comfortable and a great use of the platform that is Second Life. Questions were freely asked as the music progressed. Comments were made by many in attendance, and Miss Heart described her thoughts and inspiration for specific words or musical techniques.

An Enthusiastic Crowd

Her word- and dynamics-painting is rich in depth of color and quite poignant throughout the pieces. Many in the crowd discussed how individual pieces moved them emotionally.

Miss Reghan and Miss Tehanu

Miss Hypatia

It has been my pleasure to sing and direct a few of Miss Heart's typist's work in my own RL choir(s) and I look forward to even more opportunities to do so.

Merry Christmas and blessings for a healthy new year.