Feb 19, 2010

One Night Only: The Moulin Rouge in Isle of Skye

February 27th at 7pm SLT

We welcome all can-can dancers, bohemians of the new revolution, absinthe drinkers, green fairies, gentlemen (particularly those bearing gifts of diamonds), ladies, evil Maharajahs, narcoleptic Argentinians, and courtesans.

After seeing a bit of the Baz Luhrmann kinescope again several weeks ago, I decided that I really would like to throw a party based on his vision of the Moulin Rouge. Thankfully I have friends who loved the idea and were more than happy to make this vision come to life for me and for you. Hypatia Callisto has been an inspiration and so great to sponsor the event with me. Icarus Ghost has been a fabulous co-conspirator, provided the wonderful windmill build, and will be our band leader for the event. Kate Nicholas and I have been working on the major parts of the build. She has created a remarkable design based on our conversations and collaborations. And finally, Iason Hassanov is building the Eiffel Tower (a scale model) for us.

Step into THE carbaret of 19th century Paris. Spectacular! Spectacular!


Eva Bellambi said...

I apologize that the youtube embeds very strangely in this template,(Although it looked quite good on my Mac, on this Windows machine it is way oversized even at the smallest resolution.)however, I wanted to provide you a sense of the event.