May 23, 2010

You are all invited to my 4th Rez Day Party

Can hardly believe it is true: As of May 28th, I will have lived for 4 years in this place we call Second Life. Four years seems at once too long a measure as well as too short. We've experienced so much together. Time, they say, is experienced exponentially differently here. SL can be very intense creatively, emotionally, intelligently.

This little invitation I threw together tonight, shares a mere split-second of my existence here, though it shows several of the events and activities I've known. Most especially highlighted are my previous rez day parties. But you'll find hints of other parties, battles, fund-raising work, and just being with friends.

I do hope we can celebrate together on May 31st (which also happens to be my typist's birthday). Frequency Picnic was so fantabulous as to offer to play the music. I've not really chosen a theme, so just come as you are and let's have fun!

Slurls and other details will follow later.