Jul 14, 2010

Regarding Civilised Rail Travel in the Americas

Response to this letter from the Vicereine, Kamilah Hauptmann.

My Dearest Kamilah,

You do me great honor by your invitation to spend time with you in New York City. I confess that I have been hoping for such time together since we last met nearly two years ago in the wilds of suburban Canada. I was surprised that my weaponry were not required for defense against moose or the odd trapper or logger wandering into town. However, as I recall the two of us should have used the heavy gold coins in our evening bags to delicately bludgeon several of the patrons in the dining room upon our grand arrival for cocktails. One would have thought that they had never seen a regal Lioness nor a corseted Duchess in their lives. *sigh*

Lionsgate and Loch Avie

To our travel details:

I shall also be traveling by rail into New York City - perhaps we will challenge the answer to "If two trains are traveling to NYC at the same time - one going south, one going north......".
I do not see the specific days that you have in mind for this travel, however, I will check with my secretary and determine which days are ideal for travel and which days are possible with complex appointment manipulation.

We should indeed arrive at the same terminal, therefore, depending on our travel schedules, we may be able to walk and talk on our way to luncheon. The subway, while it is not as filled with the hoodlums and trouble-makers you about which you may have heard tales, is still not my favorite mode of transportation in the city. You will, however, adore the "T" (subway) while you are in the fair city of Boston. It is generally quite civilised unless you happen to be traveling through Kenmore Square on baseball game day.

I have a number of thoughts on luncheon possibilities, but now understanding your desire to see our lovely Lady Liberty, I shall have another check on this and will make appropriate plans. I will tell you that the Museum of Modern Art is quite wonderful & with excellent lunch possibilities as well. We shall carefully consider and plan.

As to whether I will be "packing heat", I simply ask when you have ever known me to be unprepared for any occasion.

So do leave your hockey stick at home; however, with just the right skirt and blouse those logger boots might be quite urban chic.

Let us keep in close touch as we make our plans. You may feel free to use my wireless device for contact along with aetheric mail and such.

Yours &c,

p.s. No coffee, just lots of laughter in a, thankfully, empty office suite. Do feel free to blog this - as you most certainly know I will. *muah dahlink*


Kamilah Hauptmann said...

"As to whether I will be "packing heat", I simply ask when you have ever known me to be unprepared for any occasion."

Loch Avie Tournament.

Eva Bellambi said...

Reeeeally?? I recall having all kinds of "heat" present at my tournaments. (Tele, Exrex, Hotspur, Diamanda, YOU.)

I was just there to organize the bloody thing, be diplomatic, and look pretty. :D

Kamilah Hauptmann said...

Relay For Life 2007, with the Torvaldsland people. You may have been ready, but the poor sim wasn't! D: Oh the lag, the poor little CPU. Pooor thing.

Eva Bellambi said...

Now *that* is the truth!

(Still a great night.)