Jan 5, 2011

Even Wandering Knights Find The Way Home

- More Often Than One Might Think

As has long been my custom, I was walking the perimeter of the Isle again this week.  Perhaps I was simply taking in the winter-tide glory around me.  Perhaps I was making a security sweep prior to the Snowflake Ball.  Most likely it was a little of both.  The habits of a woman trained as a warrior duchess and an intelligence operative are as strong as her romantic & beauty-seeking heart.

Something caught my eye near the edge of the water on the south end of the island.  Upon closer inspection I discovered an arrow fletching in Sir Tele's colors.  I grasped the feathering just as a small wave attempted to take it out into the deeper channel - a smile beginning to form on my lips.  Telemachus Dean is extremely mindful of allowing his presence to be known.  This fletching would not be here, were he not wanting me to know he had been here.  It is not uncommon for me to find messages from him somewhere on the property letting me know that he has passed through Isle of Skye, ensuring my safety and that of the clan even as he moves on to another foreign adventure.

"Fair winds, dear Knight,"  I whispered into the fletching as I climbed back up the rocky pathway on my way to the house.

Snow began to fall again just as I reached the doorway.  I placed his arrow's feathers on the desk in my private offices, changed out of my hiking gear, and headed back out to prepare the grounds for the ball.  I was just using the steam crane to lift the ice chandelier into place over the dancing area, when I sensed something watching me.  A presence nearing.

I did not have Claidheamh Flath, the sword of my forebears - the Sword of the Chief, with me since I was merely working in the yard.  I mumbled curses under my breath as I felt the presence growing closer.  The hair on my arms and the back of my neck began to prickle madly.  Thankfully I recalled that I had been working on the steam crane a bit earlier in the morning and had left the large wrench laying nearby.  I grasped the wrench in both hands as I knelt down.  I rapidly stood and deftly swung the wrench around at chest level.


I struck a very large claymore and looked up to see Sir Tele grinning down at me.

"I see ye've kept up your swordplay and defense practice, Your Grace."

I'm sure I stood momentarily with my mouth agape as the truth of him sunk in.  "Och! ye great, bloody man!  Sneaking up on me like that!!"
His smile widened and he dropped his sword.  At that, I promptly whacked him in the stomach with the wrench, and then gave him a hug.

"I can't stay long, Duchess.  But I could not pass nearby without ensuring that you were well.  When I saw that the preparations were underway for the Snowflake Ball, I knew that I needed to stay to request a dance.  I will not be in the area on the night of the event."

I smiled.  "Ever the gallant, Sir Tele.  Then let us dance while you tell me of your most recent adventures."

We danced for what seemed only a short while before he said he needed to be on his way.  Apparently he had a ship to catch on the high tide.  

It is always bittersweet to have him go off on another quest.  But I always know he will return.

"Fair winds, dear Knight.  Fair winds."


Anonymous said...


this is excellent. A story well written, even the pictures came out, and I was in my work clothes as I said.

My apologies I could not make the Ball; I am sure it was smashing.

Telemachus Dean