Oct 2, 2011

Pictures from an Exhibition...& an opening party...& the En Garde Tournament

Pictures being worth a thousand words... 
Boobiethon Opening Party! 
Opening night party at my new home, Cliffs of Skye in Magna Carta. 
(photo credit: Frequency Picnic)

Boobiethon Opening Party 
Opening party (photo credit: PJ Trenton) Stormy Mefusula 
Stormy Mefusula, the Chief Boobie Officer of the RL BoobieThon (photo credit: PJ Trenton). Art Auction Opening 
Art Auction at RoHaus (photo credit: PJ Trenton) Eva Bellambi and Frequency Picnic 
Eva and Frequency (photo credit: PJ Trenton) Auction Curator Rowan Derryth 
Rowan Derryth (photo credit: PJ Trenton) 

 At the En Garde Tournament

 Sexy Serra - drumming up donations

 Calli looking fierce!

Irreverence.  Check!
Fun.  Check!
Raising money for Breast Cancer Research.  CHECK!!