Apr 15, 2012

Right! Let's Go Adventuring!

Slideshow from the Steamlander Expedition to the Mainland, April 13th.

The Royal Society & I were pleased to be part of this new adventure from the Steamlands to the Mainland.

Our group was led by Scripted & Magda Haiku (Madalena Kamenev), who prior to our departure gave us the following description of our potential adventure:

We'll cross the Sea of Fables and perhaps even make it to the ancient and mythic Linden Village, where it is said the Lindens themselves walked among us. Along the way, we might just see some SL celebrities, and perchance we will plant a flag or three from our own Steamland nations. But we will most definitely have a grand time together!

We all dressed in our favorite adventuring gear, whether dressing like the mainlanders or in our favorite Victorian clothing (which by the way included a new ballgown thanks to the inevitable wagering and daring that happens amongst brave and bold companions).

Eva Bellambi
Duchess of Loch Avie, Lady of Skye, Fellow of the Royal Society


The Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge in the Natural Sciences, better known as the Royal Society, serves as an academy of sciences for Caledon, and the World at large. Membership ("Fellowship") is granted by election by existing Fellows. The Society is based in Caledon Tamrannoch, and welcomes all scientists, explorers, academicians et al. who wish to forward the state of Victorian-era scholarship.