Jul 15, 2008

Linne & Eas Shith

The Pool and Falls of the Faeries

Imagine the wonderful surprise I felt when on my walk through Loch Avie two evenings ago, I discovered that the legend of the Cascade of the Faeries which my father taught me as a young girl was true. Suddenly a spring and waterfall appeared on the side of the mountain. There has been no record of this water for the last 300 years. I am unsure what caused the spring and falls to reappear - not unlike Brigadoon - but needless to say I am thrilled for the additional beauty and romance that they bring to Loch Avie. This will be a place for quiet reflection and great enjoyment, I have no doubt.

Miraculous Legend

Fearcharia was a young noblewoman who was pursued in marriage by a local chieftain called Gustov. Frightened by his aggression, the legend says, she fled for sanctuary to Loch Avie which had for years been the lands of the Bellambi Clan. She was savagely beheaded by Gustov before she reached the Keep of the Laird of Loch Avie.

However, as her head touched the ground, a spring bubbled up. The women of the clan prayed for her restoration to life. Their prayers were granted, but forever after, Fearcharia had a thin white line around her neck. It is also said that from that pool of water, the Faeries of Loch Avie were born.

The spring became known for its healing qualities. Pilgrims came from all over Caledon, or even from abroad. They were passed, or were carried through the water, three times particularly on nights when the veil was thin.