Jul 19, 2008

Steampunk Revelry and Outfitting the Keep

Steampunk has definitely been the theme of the last few days for me.

Steampunk-ish Poetry by Phinias Sheridan

Brass and Glass

Ancient dusty inner workings
begging to be fixed anew
Ancient secrets of magic lurking
In the chamber of brass and glass

Found upon an oaken shelf
next to the camera (only $35)
There it sat waiting for me
In it's chamber of brass and glass

Taking it home and fixing it up
I unlocked the ancient secret
As it tick-tocked away on the cup
The wondrous chamber of brass and glass

The Trans-Aetheric Man

I've never seen one like him
Many come through in their brass machines
They were always rude and grim
He was a noble fellow
In his black coat and hat
And goggles which made him look mellow
He never once yelled at Ms. Pocket
Or threw a chair at me
And when they broke her locket
(the one with the portraits of her mother and father)
He merely smiled after they left
and said "I'll fix it, It'll be no bother

My Friday evening was very fun filled as I joined my friends from Steelhead at their dance in the Relay For Life sim. TotalLunar Eclipse, Tensai Hilra, and a number of very talented Steelheadians from the team created a miniature Steelhead and the gorgeous, floating Castle Wulfenbach.

The Bloody Air Brigade by Phinias Sheridan

Floating fantastically flawed on the breeze
The great airship majestically sailed
With a Marvelously malicious murdering intent
Any other ships were not to be hailed
Rumbling roaring red-hot engines spin
Turning magnificent props through the air
We all watched it rumble to and fro
Spyglass to my eye and wind in my hair
like a savage, screaming, sower of lead
she poured down a dark deadly din
flashes of fire in the dead of night
cutting down countless crying men
Her Majesty's marvelous machine
Crewed by daring, dreamy, dark men
It was a fanciful far fetched, almost fake dream
To be in The Bloody Air Brigade

There was much spirit and jovial discussion as the usual crowd was joined by a number of guests - a few n00bs as well as a couple of well known citizens.

This morning once I rose from my bed, I decided that I would travel down to see Caledon Glamorgan. I was anxious to see the work of my friend, His Grace, ambiant Kukulcan. Imagine the pleasant surprise of finding him at his shop and that we both actually had time to chat for a little while.

I found Glamorgan a real treat visually, and ambiant was most gracious. After we parted ways, I went on into the shop and happily found a few things that were needed for the security of the Loch. These have been installed.

You may travel to my Koinup site to view the non-classified daugerotypes of the additions to the Keep as well as my time in Castle Wulfenbach and Glamorgan.

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Duchess,

It was, as always, most pleasant to have you on board.