Feb 15, 2009

My Typist Has Returned Safely Home


It really was a good week with the family on Snowshoe Mountain. Lots of fun in the snow (despite some warmer than normal conditions for the first half of the week) and great exercise as I skied the many trails. Believe me - my muscles are still talking to me at times. :-D

My children have really made great strides in their skiing and will soon be passing me on by for the black diamond slopes. They already are skiing the intermediate (blue) trails with me. Even the 5 year old can traverse the easier of the blue trails. I'm so proud. I'm sure I have a couple of Olympians on my hands.

Here is a picture from our trip (the girls in the pink jackets are mine).

The Little Ladies of Skye (in pink)


Neb said...

Pink snow bunnies! Mr. P has many fond memories of taking his girls on snow adventures. Good for you!