Feb 28, 2009

Proceedings of the Royal Society: 200+ years ago in the real Proceedings

Proceedings of the Royal Society: 200+ years ago in the real Proceedings

Imagine the pleasure I found this morning when, sitting in the library of my newly restored castle in Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne (that's a whole other diary entry in and of itself), I picked up the post and found a letter and package from Lady Kate with some very old issues of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Great Britain. I am sure that my weekend will now be spent here among my books despite the long list of things to be accomplished otherwise.

She mentions with particular interest several articles on metallurgy. I find my curiosity is piqued a bit here since my intelligence sources from around the Independent State have been abuzz with snippets of information about a secret cadre of Caledonians who have been traveling the oceans to an inhabited island.

It is said that this group have been studying minerals and metals as well as the different ecosystems found in the new land. Knowing Lady Kate, she is in the thick of things. I shall have to call upon her at some length to discuss what, if anything, she knows about the intentions of this company of explorers.

I have a suspicion that there is a connection with the mysterious floating platforms high above Oxbridge, and the increase in production of Clanks in that region - as well as the noted general increase in flora and fauna.

*makes a note to create a case number and assign a senior and junior operative*