May 8, 2009

The Heartbeat of the Falling Water


Hand in hand we walked the needle strewn forest path.
Rough Caledonian pine trees reaching to azure skys.
We progress as birds sing serenading us with their chorus,
Hearts now skip a beat, tuned to each lovers sighs.
Distant roaring, plunging power now rents the air,
Huge discharges of spent river water dive majestically.
Raw power pounding on mist covered rocks below.
My love and I transfixed by raw nature hands clench tightly.
Suddenly the scene, illuminated by a late evening sun,
A huge rainbow spectrum, split as many colours drape the falls.
Gift indeed of transitory beauty as is nature's way.
We watch the sun merge with the darkening horizon,
Turning the waters into straw gold, as is my true love's hair.

Sid John Gardner

Perhaps I'm missing the falls of Loch Avie just a little bit, but I enjoyed finding this lovely poem along the way.