May 24, 2009

Pray DO Save the Date - May 28th 6:30p-9:30p SLT

Far more details to follow, my friends. Far more. But here, at least, is the basic invitation.

Kate Nicholas and I look forward to hosting you this time as we celebrate 3 years on the grid. Our theme is STEAMY. So begin to think Steampunk (obviously), burlesque (likely), and hot (definitely). Everyone is welcome! Join in the fun of the theme or come as you are.

And yes, I know that the place for the party is not yet announced. Those details are under tight security at the moment. :) I will let you know.

Looking forward to having fun with you next Sunday!!

The Honourable Kate Nicholas: Rezzed 5-24-06
The Lady of Skye, Eva Bellambi: Rezzed 5-28-06
Lady Eva's typist: Born 5-31-69 (yep - turning 40!)


Anonymous said...

Is it THURSDAY, May 28, or Sunday, May 31?

Eva Bellambi said...

The rez day party is May 28 (THURSDAY).

I have a fabulous real life party planned for Sunday, too. :)

Miss Lily said...

Eva, that sexy steamgirl invite is wonderful! Who created it?

Sir Tele said...

Okay, okay, maybe the face is not quite Lady Kate....still... :)