Jun 13, 2009

The Dance of Flight

"Mew dahlink. Try this on for size." came the voice across the æther.

"Mew, Kami. Sure, I'll give it a whirl. (pulls up inventory) Super Flight AO?"

"Just try it."

"Hold your horses, I'm going outside the castle now." I said walking out the door and promptly heading up in the air.

Suddenly I felt so...so...heroic. Really the ao Kamilah created with superheros in mind hit the mark. The animations were very defined and strong. Quite fun actually. For a closer look at these please do head on over to Musings to see a short video clip of SuperKami in action.

"I like it quite a bit. It's very fun!"

At this point we discussed some of the reasons that she decided to create these flight animations, and I mentioned that it would be very fun to have a more feminine animation overrider noting that with few exceptions most of the flight/land animations are very male. She agreed noting that she was also contemplating making a Peter Pan inspired flight package.

"So you want something more - girlie. (pause) You're gonna have to show me some pics. Something for inspiration."

Let the googling begin! Pictures and links went back and forth for a bit. After this I really didn't hear anything about it for a few days. Then, suddenly, a package on the doorstep.

"Ballerina Flight AO!"

It's wonderful. There are many animations in this package depending on your motion (up, up and forward, descending, turning, etc.,.). Very easy to use - just wear and fly.

And lovely to look at. Thanks, Kami!

Cloud Dancers

Cloud dancers!
Dancing through the sky;
Like little butterflies!
With the clouds in her hair;
And the sky at her feet.
Cloud dancer!
Among beautiful dancers!
Dancing through the sky.

Jade Buehler