Jul 5, 2009

Personal Journal Entry: Battle in New Babbage (reference case # 8774-NB)

**This first section written Out of Character**

The Role Play events developed by the folks in New Babbage have been quite brilliant. Most of the play has occurred out of world in the Ning and in other blogs. Story-telling is an art and the shared story among many of the residents (and those of us related to them) has been very interesting and fun. Kudos to all involved. Various journals have reported on events, however, the bulk of the story may be found in the Primgraph blog and the New Babbage Ning.

I first really became involved in this story when the Wrath Fleet group were asked to assist in the wrap-up of the story. I was sent the telegram verbiage by the New Babbage Navy's Commodore, Jedburg Dagger. I was happy to assist as I could in the role of the head of MI-5, and as Commander in Wrath Navy.

The culminating event - the ironclad battle - was fought this past Thursday evening. Several of us met during the week of the event and plotted out the scenes and familiarized ourselves with the story that would be told....and would continue. (hee hee)

As someone who has run not a few events, and who has assisted with many an ironclad battle scenario, let me just say that this event went really very well, particularly given the numbers of observers and participants, the lag in the script-heavy, texture-heavy sims, and the numbers of folks who were part of story development.

Gathering for the briefing: Dia, Eva, Aeoleus, Hotspur

We all gathered at the docks at 7pm SLT - when I say all, I mean a very large contingent from New Babbage (from both the good and evil sides), a strong group from the Wrath Fleet, Caledon Navy members, Steelhead Navy members, and at least one from Steeltopia's fleet (actually, Mr. Calamari himself). We also had press members there covering the event.

Emperor of Steeltopia and several of the New Babbage group.

Hotspur gives the rules of the engagement to the growing crowd.

Cross section of New Babbage crowd.

The organization of this large group including the rules of engagement and specifics to the scenarios was conducted in about 30 minutes, and then the first of two mammoth battles was begun. There were about 8-10 boats (ironclads and subs) in the water, a battery of cannon at Dr. O's island, and several airships about the sims. Each battle lasted around 20-30 minutes.

Yes, there were many crashes among players. Yes, sometimes folks steamed off world for a while - but they did make it back to the site of the battle. In the end, I heard no complaints at all only folks really hamming it up in character and discussing how fun the thing had been despite the limitations or problems.

A lot of fun, really!

**And now my in character journal entry (with the odd way that stories and roles in the Steamlands can be combined, I write it not only as the head of intel for Wrath Fleet, but also as Director of MI-5).**

Personal Entry
This allied flotilla came into the Vernian Sea as the sun was beginning to show first rays over the horizon. We had our orders from Commodore O'Toole and Mayor Tenk. I was in one of the Holland class subs. My objective was to sneak into the city while the battle raged and to bring a small group of marines with me. We had several purposes: the marines were to secure any anti-ship guns, and to capture or dispose of any of Obolensky's minions; I was to be in contact with them via ætheric transmitter - guiding Master Sergeant Abernethy as needed, but the crusty old marine would hardly need me, he had his orders directly from O'Toole and would follow them (perhaps creatively) to complete his mission or die trying. Meanwhile, I would also be surveying the area for the strong-holds (perhaps Obolensky, himself), and the resistance fighters, and maintain communication with command central.

The sub departs after dropping us at the designated point.

It did not take long to spot the Doctor's cannon (they were not trying to hide them, really)
Regardless I transmitted the position to the fleet and marines via secure channel.

My initial view of the beginning of the engagement
A dragon perched atop an airship - was that a good or ominous sign?

More of Obolensky's followers found (or just some of the residents watching the show - it was not always clear, nevertheless). Positions sent to Abernethy and command.

*must be getting closer*

I found where the villain was on his island at about the time I heard chatter on the allied fleet's channel about it.

I spotted Dr. Fabre observing the battle as I moved through the area.

The battle raging on

*note to self: interrupted by a call from the Royal Society offices, must go and return to complete my personal note on this incident later - pick up journal entry at battle conclusion*


Breezy Carver said...

Well done dear Ms Eva (( not an easy one to capture and log !!))
always a delight to see you and know YOU .. take care and be safe
ever breezy :)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Belting stuff! Well done all - and great pictures too :)