Jul 1, 2009

The Prodigal "Sister" Returns

My agents in New Babbage have been diligently sending reports to me about Dr. Oblensky's overthrow of Mayor Tenk's government (while he was away, mind you) for weeks now.

The mysterious telegram initially seemed to have no connection to such activities, but once I began investigating it's origin and sender identity, it seemed obvious.

Jed Dagger had sent the telegram remotely from outside New Babbage. "Tell Papa to expect six guests for supper." She meant that she and some of her officers &/or sailors would be heading to Roatan, I suspect for shelter or assistance (I still don't know which). And Papa was the name that some of the sailors had taken to calling Commodore O'Toole (most simply called him The Old Man).

I had been in close contact with Desmond and Lunar regarding the intelligence that we were getting from Babbage so that both Caledon and Steelhead could be prepared to take whatever action the nations felt appropriate as conditions in Babbage changed. I had also been giving regular briefings to the Wrath officers. In fact I was just on my way to discuss the telegram with O'Toole and Somme when I heard the excitement on the docks. Commander Murakami and the Commodore were on deck with a young signalman who was was sending a message. I looked in the general direction that he was facing.

"Ah - I see the telegram had been delayed in transit. She's already here!"

I took off running, grabbing every seaman in my path to meet the Babbage exiles; to assist in the mooring of the boats, and to help with any medical needs that might be present since they had likely not been escorted genteely out of the port.

What more will Jed and her crew be able to tell us? What do they need?

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For detail on the kinds of intel that MI-5 has received in this growing story please do refer to the following sites for the work of some of the Steamlands' residents:

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We'll see you Thursday for the battle in Port Babbage - part of our Ironclad Melee series. 7:30pm SLT.


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