Oct 8, 2009

With Gratitude!

Real life being what it is, I have not had time to wade through the wonderful pictures of the final Boobie-Thon 2009 event in SL: The Limerick Contest.

I have shared in other venues (in my exhausted but elated state) that Saving Second Base (our SL Boobie-Thon team) donated 2010.00 USD to Susan G. Komen last night after a week of wonderful events and gorgeous product sales.

Let me just say that again - $2,010.00!!!!

Thank you! Thank you!

I promise a more full report within the next 2 or 3 days. But for now, let me just say a HUGE Thank You! to Velesjæger Munster (our contest winner), Hotspur O'Toole, and PJ Trenton for their fine limericks during the "Joust".

A special thanks to Iason Hassanov (who was suddenly and unexpectedly called into RL work and could not join us for the event, but worked with me to create the space), Icarus Ghost (our phenomenal DJ) and Hypatia Callisto (for sharing not only some great burlesque dances, but also her Blue Mermaid event time with us).

My fellow judges were AutoPilotPatty Poppy and Magdalena Kamenev. Thank you, ladies!

And of course thanks to Serra Anansi, my Bosom Buddy in all these efforts.