Sep 29, 2010

BoobieThon in the News

I'm happy to report that our SL BoobieThon 2010 Events are getting nice press thus far.  Here are a couple of links from the arts community regarding our opening event:  The BoobieThon Art Auction.

Blog post on Second Tricia.

Treet TV's Metaverse Arts also ran an announcement on the Art Auction here in the most recent episode.  The whole episode is quite good, but you may find the announcement at around 7 minutes into the show.

The Saving Second Base Arts Show Committee met a few weeks ago in my ballroom to plan the event.

Serra Anansi, Autopilotpatty Poppy, me, & PJ Trenton

The lovely Seneschelf, Miss Serra Anansi

PJ Trenton, artist & Artist Coordinator
Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy, artist & Artist Coordinator

After arranging most of the displays last night, I stood admiring the phenomenal work of the generous artists.  The piece above is by GM Nikolaidis.

Admiring Tricia Aferdita's "Golden"