Oct 4, 2010

Artists for BoobieThon

I am working hard to catch up on my blogging from this weekend's FABULOUS BoobieThon events. There were so many wonderful events this weekend (starting on Friday, October 1st) that I had zero time to get the news out to you save for the occasional Tweet or Plurk. 

Our launching event was at my home in Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne, and it kicked off not only the whole of BoobieThon in SL, but the art auction.  I cannot thank our wonderful artists enough for their generosity - not only of their work, but their hearts as well.  Many of them have stories to share about their own brushes with breast cancer, whether family or friend.

The auction continues through the FINAL BID on October 6th at 9:15pm.  At that time I will capture all the high bids, remove the kiosks, and notecard our winners. 

I have created a very short video of the event utilizing one of the songs that really was a hit with the crowd, Laisse Tomber Les Filles.  DJ Frequency really outdid herself!

For a better look at many of the pictures, please feel free to visit my flickr page.

Much love!  And more to come!!