Sep 29, 2012

BoobieThon 2012 Revised Events Listing!

The BoobieThon 2012 dates have been revised.  What has traditionally been a week-long fund-raising event will now last for 2 weeks, October 1-13, 2012!!

Here is the current listing of activities:

October 1st-12th

October 7th-12th

October 1st, 7p-9p SLT

October 3rd, 7p -? SLT
October 4th, 5p-7p SLT
October 5th, 6p-7p SLT
  • Placement of last year's BoobieThon Art Auction consortium sculpture
October 5th, 7p-10p SLT
  • Pink in Steelhead (BoobieThon at the weekly Steelhead Dance)
    • Music by Fuzzball Ortega
October 7th, TBD
October 7th, 1pm SLT
October 12th, 2-4pm SLT
October 13th, 12p-2p SLT
October 13th, 6p-8p SLT