Oct 8, 2012

BoobieThon 2012 - Week in Review Part I

$192, 942L

$779 USD 
Current totals as of 9:00am 10-8-12

What a wonderful week it has been thanks to our generous donors, hosts, vendors, and artists!

BoobieThon has been quite fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people from all over the globe.  This year, as you may recall, we have expanded the 'thon to two weeks for a variety of reasons.  This has offered us the chance to expand the number of events and locations - sometimes quite spontaneously!

Thus far the events have been as follows:

Opening Night in the Garden of the Fæ - Hosted by Eva Bellambi with music from Icarus Ghost

Otenth Paderborn generously added BoobieThon to his normal Terpsicore Tuesday event on Day 2 of the BoobieThon.  We are so grateful for this spontaneous event and the generosity and caring of those in attendence.

On Wednsday, Magdalena Kamenev hosted and provided music for Salome's Dance at the Blue Mermaid in Caledon on Sea.  What a fantastic night it was!  Everyone in attendance was in great spirits and many shared stories about how breast cancer has effected their lives.

Thanks to PJ Trenton for the photographs. PJ's BoobieThon Album is here.

Salome's Dance

Salome's Dance

Salome's Dance

On Thursday evening, the Poetry Slam at der Hut held a breast-themed night.  It was great fun according to all in attendance and it helped push the dollars-raised up even higher.

Friday was a busy evening which began with the placement of the Venus di Milo from last year's art auction at the Consulate gardens in New Toulouse. Music provided by Radio Riel

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and Art Auction Co-Chair Rowan Derryth

The party then moved to the Steelhead Ballroom where we all celebrated life in shades of pink.  Over $75,000L were raised at this particular event!!  Many thanks to Lunar, Tensai, and Fuzzball for hosting and providing the music.

Part II update will include the Saturday and Sunday events ending week 1 of BoobieThon 2012.