Mar 26, 2007

Relay for Life, Fun at the Seashore, Building at the Loch, and Oh! So Much Fun at Coughton Court

Given the many events of the weekend, it is a wonder that I can even begin to write this brief journal entry. Let me try to reconstruct the events for you. As I continue in this missive, you will understand why my memory may also be cloudy about some of the events....

Saturday was lovely in Caledon. I found myself in the Loch fairly early in the day meeting with my dear friend, Lady Kate Nicholas. Not only is she the founder of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Natural Sciences, a fine scientist, a member of the Ducal Court, she is also a very fine architect and builder. We conferenced for some time about my vision for the manor house in the Loch. My thought, dear friends, is to create something from my Highlands home - a manor house based on the Fraser Castle. We developed a template for the build and together began placing the prims. I am still selecting textures for the exterior. Late Sunday afternoon we dropped the tower template into place on the Loch. The rest of the build "pad" remains in the sky for now.

Later in the afternoon on Saturday, I ventured over to assist Ms. Virrginia Tombola in set-up for her event at the Caledon-on-Sea Pier. She did a wonderful job with this event! Cheers to you, Virrginia!

Mr Aldo Stern was demonstrating remarkable strength and stamina as he stood on his hands for most of the afternoon at the beach. His lovely wife, Betty Doyle and several others of us looked on as we waded in the water.

As I returned to Caledon later in the day, I discovered that an impromptu ball was being held at Her Grace, Duchess of Carntaigh's Coughton Court. Of course I HAD to join in on the fun. I do love to dance and be with friends after all. Upon my arrival I found a crowd of beautifully dressed and graceful Caledonians and several friends. Shortly thereafter my wonderful friend, Colonel Exrex Somme invited me for a dance. Duchess Riel was dancing nearby with her guest, Adec Alexander.

We all danced so splendidly together that some joked that a new event for the Caledon Olympics should be, "Synchronized Duchess Dancing"

It was not long after our dance was completed, that Duchess Riel changed the tempo and mood of the event. We were all encouraged to get a bit more comfortable and join in as the music became very electronic - and very....well...driving.
The mood of the assembled crowd changed dramatically. I believe that I can safely say a GOOD time was had by all. I believe I shall let the following images speak for themselves for the most part.

Kate Nicholas really let the music take over as she and Colonel Somme danced near an object that was created just for her at my suggestion by Duchess Riel. (above)

Not wishing to be be outdone by Colonel Somme and Ms Nicholas, my dear friend, Mr O'Toole and I got in on the act. (above)

A sultry tango with Mr. ZenMondo Wormser. (above)

The excitement and wild abandon lasted well into the wee morning hours.

The next day it was, perhaps, a little difficult to arise from my bed. One really should remember that drinking and dancing well into the early morning can and does decrease one's ability to get moving several hours later. Oh well - I daresay that the sights and sounds of the "Drunken Duchesses" and the "Duchess Sandwich" *ahem* will not soon be forgotten. Even in Caledon, we do need to let our hair down every now and then.

Later in the afternoon I was most privileged to join the rest of the Caledon Relay for Life team and many other guests at Coughton Court for the Kickoff Event. Sadly the lag was so bad for me that day, that I captured no photographs of the beautiful event. But I am so pleased to report that over $15000L were raised to assist in the battle against cancers of all types. WONDERFUL!! Thanks to everyone for their continuing generosity. And do be on the lookout for more Relay events - including WAR. But more on that later....


Hotspur O'Toole said...

I repeat.. I personally witnessed no pole-dancing Duchesses...

Gabrielle said...

My goodness the things that go on in Caledon in the wee hours! But it was sooooo much fun! Sincerely, the other Drunken Duchess