Mar 31, 2007

Happy Rez Day and Script-a-versary ZenMondo Wormser

We Caledonians do love a good party. Last night thanks to the hospitality of Ms Becky Book, and the music of DJ Gabrielle, otherwise known as Duchess Carntaigh, many of us traveled to Pleasure and celebrated the SL of ZenMondo Wormser and his Code Poetry, which started 11 days after he was rezzed. The dress for the evening was binary: black and white. Awards for best dressed in theme were handed out to Mr Chaplain and Ms Calisto.

Ms Becky Book, ZenMondo, and DJ Gabi are pictured with me (above).

Pictured above are Ms Hypatia Calisto, Mr Nux Chaplain, Ms Lapin Paris, Ms Becky Book, Mr Adec Alexandria, me, and ZenMondo

A shot from above in the early moments of the gathering, which includes a display of a few of Mr Wormser's scripted objects from then and now.

Again with the Synchronized Duchess Dancing??? *grins* Duchess Riel and I are having a great time dancing with Ms Mitsu Figuro, Adec, and Zen.

Later: New builds at the Loch........