Mar 30, 2007

Spies, Talk of War and Other Things

This week has moved with all haste toward the weekend. Normally this is not a bad thing, however, I confess I feel a little guilty that I have posted so little here for your review.

Much of the week has been spent in pleasantries and quiet conversations with friends here in the æther. My particular friend, Lady Kate, and I have been steadily planning the manor house, though not much building has taken place since last Sunday. She is also making great strides with brilliant furnishings and exploration gear. Some of that gear may indeed come in handy as this writer goes into the field of battle for Caledon, not only as Duchess Loch Avie, but also as a Colonel in the militia coordinating efforts as I can under the direction of our Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Shang, and our fearless RFL Captain, Lapin Paris. But more on war later....

One evening, Lady Kate and I were exploring Tanglewood. As we did so, we were so pleased to find Darkling Elytis' new shop there. What a wonder!! So organic and beautiful. I am sure that I will enjoy spending more time shopping and exploring there.

I found the most relaxing spot in Ms. Elytis' shop. It was simply too tempting to pass up.

Later the same evening, I received word from Ms. Virrginia Tombola that the hunting and riding habit I had commissioned her to create was ready for a fitting. I arrived at her shop in Tanglewood and promptly went to the airship platform. Noticing the diving board attached there, I HAD to give it a try. What great fun! I think the Loch may need one of these. *grins*
Ms. Tombola pulled my family hunting tartan out of her closet in the form of trim on the habit and wonderful sash and hat decor. I cannot describe how pleased I am with her work. I am sure she and I will continue to do business together. I shall post a picture for your review later - I fear I was so excited about the new gear, that I simply neglected to snap a few poses.

I have now moved completely out of the Moors. *sigh* I shall miss my home and first distillery there. But thankfully the Loch is not so far away that I cannot easily visit my former neighbors at will.

Mr. Jess Patton continues his fine work on the distillery at the Loch as well as the development of the build for the public house, which will be right next door. Both of these are on the waterfront and nearby the telehub. I am sure that we can expect many wonderful impromptu get togethers there as well as things like another game of RIPPER, story-telling, other games, concerts, &c.

Last night I was present as Mr. Shang was discussing the awful events of the night before, described in the following eyewitness account.
Several of us gathered at the Falling Anvil shortly after the guvnah left Tamrannoch on his recon mission throughout Caledon. The nepharious spies must be flushed out! Of course the topic of WAR was the primary point of conversation. Many of us (those who had not previously done so) immediately found the nearest Relay For Life Recruiting Station and signed up for service to our beloved Caledon.

Pictured above are Mr Janitor, a new steampunk friend; Mr O'Toole; Ms Pennyfeather; Colonel Somme; and Mr Stern.

Pictured above with me here are Mitsu Figaro, Hermoine Pennyfeather, Betty Doyle, Aldo Stern, Zenmodo Wurmser, Hotspur O'Toole, and Exrex Somme.

Until next time.....