Jul 2, 2007

It's good to be SILLY every now and then

Composing the previous post, I was reminded of a funny time a little less than a year ago, when the call came out over the Independent State of Caledon channel for an impromptu blimp battle in Caledon II. Though there were many fewer of us at that time, most of us descended on the sim, picked up our free blimp and took to the air. Some had weapons, but mostly we puttered around in the lag bumping into each other. IT WAS GREAT FUN!

Soooooo - last night around 8:30pm SLT, I decided that I would send the call out for this year's Zepplin Day lighter-than-air-ship silliness. After consulting with Kamilah about the best possible sim for this activity, it was determined that Eyre would suit our needs to a T (or as close to a T as one can get in Caledon these days).

Despite the error messages on the Independent State channel, I sent the message via "blue box" to the estate. And they came! Blimps, Zepplins, various aircraft, air-surf boards, DaVinci Copters, Boomslangs.....and they brought their silly weapons. Myself? I had the free blimp from last year, now with my Coat of Arms applied to the side, and had my Chicken Cannon along for the fun.

Good Lord! It was hilarious. The pictures below only tell a portion of the story. Things were pretty slow as everyone joined in the fun. I am sorry that I don't recall everyone who was there. I was awfully busy shooting, flying, bumping, and laughing my head off. :-)

At one point, though, I was shot with a laser of some sort (not Ms Tombola's) and was completely frozen in mid-air. Even a requested bump from Sir Edward and Lady Pearse in their massive Zepplin would not move me. At that point the battle had been going for 45 minutes or so, and I just decided to derez the thing and drop to the ground. Playing anti-aircraft gunner, I shot at a few of the remaining ships.

My thanks to everyone who joined my silliness for the evening!! We will do this again sometime.

The first two arrivals to the field (or rather, air) of battle. That's me in the small craft.

Sir Edward coming-in at ramming speed early on in the fun.

As Edward's mouselook weapons would not work in his Zepplin, he was playing bumper ships with everyone. :-)

The DaVinci just before I sent it to the next sim with the mighty power of my Chicken Cannon.

A good display of many of the ships present.

Miss Frequency Picnic and her hobo blimp.

Taking a hit from the laser weapon. Falling through the air....but oh the pretty colors.

More fun:

The manse on the Loch is coming together pretty nicely. I have only a few more pieces of furniture to place, some art to hang, and a few last minute detail changes. Now I just need decide on the name. I have some thoughts, but nothing has made itself known as THE name for my home yet.

This weekend also found me enjoying a bit of fun to go with my serious shopping and decorating. Oh, and a day or two prior to the weekend, I met up with Kamilah, Hotspur, and Virrginia and allowed Virrginia's new horses to stretch their legs a bit.

Highlights of the weekend:

Gen X with Gabi at the Rock Factory - the music was fantastic and the company of friends was, as always, great fun.

Finding a surprise gift of an Iron Clad Ship for the Loch...and heading out on patrol

Mr Writer's Canada Day party.

Oh - and my human and I have been planning our trip to Finland.....

Let the silliness never go away from our fair land. It is FAR too much fun!


Amber_Palowakski said...

I had a great time myslef, Lady Eva, even if the lag was tough. I also used the freebie blimp from last year's event, actually my brother Colonel Gottfried Lord Eusebio gave me a copy of the blimp he got there last year...sadly I was unable to attend that event, but he told me all about it. What he didn't warn me was the the craft would be slow, and hard to manuever.I'll by posting my own report of he goings on at this year's event forthwith! Thanks again for the fun last night!

Telemachus said...


once again, I miss the fun! RL, as always. Though I too have been gifted and ironclad, and have learned the basics of maneuver....we need a Caledon sea to move those things around in. Though a battle in Lionsgate...what a thought!

Enjoy Finlandia!

Sir Tele