Jul 15, 2007

A wonderful adventure

The trip home on the steamer took much longer than my travel to Finland via airships, but the rest and relaxation to be found aboard more than made up for the additional travel time.

To say that I enjoyed Helsinki and Finland would be an understatement. I found this Grand Duchy of Russia to be wonderfully full of culture and art; of music and dancing; of romance and literature. Her people were most gracious and kind.

Below are just some of the many things that I was able to do and see while traveling there.

The gentles with whom I came in contact during my holiday celebrated a proper tea each day. Here is one example of a Russian Tea/Coffee service from the 1850s. Simply wonderful!

This lovely table and chairs was found in the drawing room of one of the officers on Suomenlinna. I am told this piece was also brought from Russian at mid-century.

The Helsinki Cathedral and some wonderful examples of Russian/French architecture

Uspenski Cathedral. I attended vespers services with my Orthodox hosts at this magnificent church. I shall not soon forget the solemnity with which worship was conducted....a truly moving experience.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the opera in Helsinki and the ball which followed. The hall was so intricately designed and beautifully decorated that is nearly took my breath away. The opera presentation was of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's The Snow Maiden. As a guest of the Suomenlinna Commander and his family an escort for the evening was chosen for me. The gentleman proved to be a most delightful soul and was excellent company. His name was Alexai Kirillovich Vronsky, a very dark and dashing military officer.

Breath-taking view from the boxes at the Opera House.

Waiting for Vronsky to join us.

Enjoying the view at intermission with Vronsky

The ballroom

The last dance of the evening - and my trip to Finland.


Oh - and by the way.....shopping was no issue as the monetary exchange was nearby.

And now it is good to be home.

I shall be remarking on the Courts and titles issues soon. Unfortunately one of my court was left off the lists. Fortunately my court continues to grow.


Amber_Palowakski said...

Lady Eva, I am glad you enjoyed your trip, and am even more glad you have returned!