Jul 25, 2007

Quiet Contemplation and a Rather Dull Couple of Days

Silly Duchess!!

The week started on a rather quiet note after the Compliment Contest was completed on the Loch. I had certain expectations: quiet reflection on the compliments that were handed out, a little time spent riding Bucephalus across Loch Avie, spending some time in the distillery placing the new Uisge Beatha into the casks for their 15 year

After the RFL Compliment Contest was completed, I rested for a bit, and then went down to the sight of the event to ensure that the clean-up was going as planned. The additional staff that had been hired for the set-up and take down of all the seating was doing a remarkable job. I helped myself to a glass of Reserve and stood enjoying the evening, watching Nellie swim in her cove. Once the staff took their leave, I decided to have a quick swim with Nellie. The water was so clear and warm in the fading summer sun, the temptation was too great to be resisted. Stripping down to my….well…stripping down to what I normally wear when I swim with Nellie, I slid into the water enjoying the silky warmth enveloping my body. Nellie is a most gracious host, permitting me to swim with her and even allowing me to ride on her back for a time as she patrolled the Loch. Late in the evening, she looked back at me as if asking permission for something. Oddly enough I seemed to understand her meaning, and taking a very deep breath, I nodded to her. We dove down and down to the bottom of the cove and her nest. She was ready for her rest. Giving her a pat, I released her and swam back to the surface where I took in great amounts of the cooling air. I felt renewed, but also ready for my own bed. Rolling over, I floated on my back for a time, looking into the clear starry sky. Then I easily stroked over to the shore. Gathering up my discarded clothing, I strolled to the tower, and climbed the steps to my private quarters. Happily I discovered that my lady’s maid had laid my burgundy silk gown on the bed when she turned it down. All I needed to do was to slip it over my head, brush my hair, and crawl between the covers. It was delicious.

The next day was filled with the usual responsibilities. I sat on the porch sipping my cappuccino, eating fresh peaches and cream, and reading the post and any messages that had been dropped by the house. After dressing, I went down to the distillery to ensure that things were going well with the casking. Seeing that all was well underway, I took care of some visitation that was necessary. That was a very pleasant diversion. The majority of the day was spent in this occupation as I needed to return some calls made while I was overseas.

Many of my companions were no where to be found on Monday evening; therefore, I dined alone. That being the case, I gave the staff the evening off, and made my own meal. You know, I really do enjoy preparing meals (some might be shocked to hear of a Duchess working in her own kitchen – but then some would be shocked at *anything*). It was a simple meal: Bawd Bree (hare soup), a fine cut of Aberdeen Angus beef (imported, of course), potatoes, and kale. Thankfully cook had left a fine apple dumpling in the pie hutch for me. It was so delicious that I am suspicious that she may have purchased it from Lady Primbroke’s fine bakery. Christine really is a remarkable baker.

The sun was still up by the time my dinner was completed. Wondering what Professor Krogstad might be doing these days, since I had not seen him in what seems like weeks, I decided to travel to his last known location….an archeological sight. Alas I did not find him there. Odd. I do hope he is quite alright.

Looks as though he is making remarkable progress on the dig. I will look forward to his full report. I wonder if he is going to need any work from me on this one….may need to speak to my favorite librarian and begin some research, if so.

Still a bit restless, I went to Inbhir Abigh to look for The Honourable Kate Nicholas. She must still be out of town. I found several wonderful projects in her workshop. The new projector and screen that I am so anxious to have her finish. I really cannot wait to share that with you! I also found evidence of some lighting experiments she has been working on. Those look very promising. I found some notes on animations that she is working on as well, for two of Loch Avie’s Own: Colonel O’Toole, and Colonel Somme’s good lady.
I decided that I would go back to the manse and rehearse some music that I have been learning. Playing the piano and singing has always been a joy and release for me.

As I sat there enjoying the moment, a messenger dropped by with a message from some friends who were wondering whether I might join them for some silliness. Hurray! Just what I needed.

Here is where the quiet and dull ended…..

O'Toole? Is that you over in yon fog bank?

Well frankly, Colonel Somme, one of my favorite compliments of the day was:
Exrex Somme: Indeed Sir, the world is full of inneumerable possibilities
Exrex Somme: (for example, who could have thought that we would have had such lovely and elegant judges, or such a well read and appreciative audience)
Exrex Somme: But I can tell you sir, that I am but a humble lancer, and I regard my mission, and my study of war, for one purpose only, And that is to protect our civilization, the greatest the world has ever known, and that civilization is but the sum total of its knowledge. I agree that the doers and builders are the key, and you sir are one of our finest does and builders, as the multitude of libraries about our fair land will attest. I lay my arms at your feet in tribute, and I am glad that my humble contribution is recognized by your Indexness.
[14:49] Eva Bellambi applauds enthusiastically
[14:49] Moriarty Warburton claps
[14:49] Diamanda Gustafson: very nice! :D
[14:49] Hotspur Otoole: WOW!
[14:49] Soliel Snook laughs
[14:49] EllisDee Welinder: chuckles
[14:49] Hotspur Otoole: Excellent!
[14:49] Bettina Tizzy notes the use of the word "indexness"
[14:49] Eva Bellambi: Colonel Somme you are in rare form today.
[14:49] Soliel Snook: Touche
[14:49] Callipygian Christensen cheers
[14:49] Soliel Snook: Bravo
[14:49] Straitfox Ihnen applauds
[14:49] Alexx McLaglen nods
[14:49] lisamarie Asano: applauds
[14:49] Hotspur Otoole claps enthusiastically
[14:49] EllisDee Welinder: (thinks he sees a hanging chad somewhere on Mister Drinkwater's body)
[14:49] Callipygian Christensen: (and suspects those laid down arms wil be an excuse not to do the dishes)

And did I tell you about the caviar in Helsinki? Hmm? You often have caviar with your scrambled eggs in the morning? I'll be over for breakfast in the morning. *smiles*

Sir Amplebeak Tinlegs and Hermoine Pennyfeather dance the night away with us


The next day, after the usual daily ablutions, a breakfast of parritch and black coffee, I read the post and took care of several business matters. Before my knight, Sir Telemachus left on his extended holiday out of Caledon, I happily volunteered to check on Octopus Gardens for him occasionally, so after concluding my business for the day, I had the carriage brought round to the distillery. Determining to drive the horses myself, I was handed up by the groom and off I went. It really was a lovely day for a drive. Upon arrival at Octopus Gardens, I found all was in good order.

My arrival at Octopus Gardens - Sir Telemachus Dean's home

Unlocking the door, there was a terrible stack of correspondence already piled in the floor. I noted that most of it was scented and addressed with differing flowery scripts. Sir Tele is well admired by the ladies of the Cay – and all of Caledon – it seems.

The roses I had sent from my garden were doing remarkably well, but I stopped to give them some fresh water anyway.

Nothing in the house looked amiss, so I went over to the bureau by the window…such a good view…and laid the letters in neat stacks. Lilac scent here. Vanilla over there. Verbena next to the lemon.

Just as I was leaving his house and locking the door, I received a call over the secure channel: “Giants! There are giants here…and little green men! You’ve gotta see this Yer Grace!”

This place has been well documented by several of the local authorities on exploration; however, this was the first time I had traveled there. I found that Sir Hotspur (who sent the message over the MI5 channel) was there, as were Mr. Jess Patton, and Ms Autopilotpatty Poppy. I also met a new friend and artist by the name of Mr. Drumstick Ah.

Good Lord!!

After hiking around this huge space all I really wanted was a cup of tea. *Sigh* I had to organize and expedition with the others in the sim in order pour the water out of the kettle. Thankfully they were a helpful and friendly lot.

My new friend, Mr. Drumstick Ah, joins me *in* a cup of tea.

Journal Entry: Found a young female Greenie in the china hutch - she was sitting on top of a large, long, round object that appeared to vibrate. I noted the smile on her face and the slightly dream-like look in her eyes. I wonder if this is something that should be explored further? I shall need to come back later to investigate, I believe.

Thinking: This may become a chapter in the Naughty Duchess Etiquette Collection

Rosie?? Is that you, my Robot Maid? Where have you been? Mr. Jetson said you would be here much sooner than this.

Oh Good Lord, Man! Ye don't snort this...you make snow angels. See?

Hot. Very hot.

Dammitol. Now that's my kind of medicine. Take with alcohol...first thing in the morning. Will take one of these to chop into pieces and use as needed post-Caledon dramas.

Finally got so tired of schlepping around this enormous space, that I pulled out the airship.

Then I discovered one of the futuristic transport devices of the Greenies. Had to bring one home for future study.


At the end of the exploration, I found myself in quiet conversation with my cousin, The Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel. It was good to be able to talk with her as our times with uninterrupted discussions are few and far between these days –unlike when we were young-er ladies.

Finally, I made my way home, finding a hot bath drawn for me. I soaked for what seemed like ages until my skin turned quite wrinkly, then I pulled my favorite emerald green chemise de nuit over my head and once again slid into bed.

What a turn of events….quiet contemplation and dullness, indeed! Silly Duchess!


Hotspur O'Toole said...

What wonderful adventures, Your Grace. I have a minor quibble.. I don't believe I use the phrase "Yer Grace" routinely... I think the good Dominican brothers from the monestary had to have beaten that phrase out of me at an impressionable age.

The Land of the Giants was an engaging and amusing adventure for the Explorer's Club. I sense that we have only scratched the surface-- there is much yet to be discovered there.

Exrex Somme said...

I don't put caviar on scrambled eggs regularly, occasionaly, I suppose, but if you come by I shall do so.


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Now O'Toole, ye Giant Ninny (when have you ever heard me say that?)! You know I have a transcript of all incoming MI5 traffic. You did use the phrase "Yer Grace" and have done so before. Hrumph! But it is no matter. The Land of the Giants was extremely amusing. And I suspect there is much more for the Explorers Club to find.

Colonel Somme - I know that the caviar breakfast is not routine. A shame really. But I will look forward to it if and when I ever drop by. Still looking for the gourmet selections for you. Keep your fingers crossed.

Edward Pearse said...

And he shall be dubbed henceforth "Sir Ninny"


Amber_Palowakski said...

I have to agree, I must return to the Greenies house again myself and finish exploring!

Telemachus said...

Your Grace,

I cannot thank you enough for visiting my home, and for the kind, and funny, comments regarding my mail.

It is good to be back. It was also great joy to finally procure you a fighting bow this morning...the list of those so armed continues to grow...if you see H, do cage him will you, for me? When he is not looking and not expecting it, perhaps...for kindness sake, leave him in there with a drink. (winks)

Be well, Duchess....grand to be back in Caledon.

And of course, the weapons system the three of us are purchasing to put in the Loch should be in place very soon...oh, this will be grand fun. You, me, and H all armed with war hammers and Claymores...our political discussions will never be the same. And I cannot wait to see who else will want to play with us! Many have expressed interest already.

Sincerely yours,

Sir Tele