Apr 17, 2008

Springtime and Longing


The moon had cast its heavenly glow outside my window pane.
Its luminary essence pulled me closer and closer.
I looked up into the night sky and saw the stars smiling.
Realizing they were trying to tell me something, I pressed my back upon
the cool green grass and listened.

The earth was sleeping, but I was awake.
I couldn't sleep - all I could do was think of you.
I knew you existed somewhere within my soul
because my heart ached for your touch.
How I longed for the caress of your sweet lips upon mine
or the gentle way you held me in your arms.
The wind whispered your name in my ear and a smile came to my face.
I pictured us dancing - my hand in yours.

An angel's voice echoed from the heavens as we danced just you and I.
Your eyes, an ocean of blue and gold, gazing into mine.
It was as if you were truly there, in my arms,
no longer a figment of my untamed desires.
I could feel you.

How I hated letting go of this blissful longing, but I had to.
For the candle- lit night slowly began to flicker into the morn.
It was only for a moment, however, that you escaped my mind,
for the warmth of the rising sun embraced my being
as you so tenderly did the night before.