May 20, 2008

Ancient Egypt - Love Songs, and Photos from the Event in Greystoke

My boat sails downstream
In time to the stroke of the oarsmen.

A bunch of reeds is on my shoulder,
And I am travelling to Memphis, "Life of the Two Lands".
And I shall say to the god Ptah, Lord of Truth:
"Give me my fair one tonight."
The god Ptah is her tuft of reeds,
The goddess Sekhmet is her posy of blossoms,
The goddess Earit is her budding lotus,
The god Nefertum is her blooming flower,
My love will be happy!
The dawn irradiates her beauty.

Memphis is a crop of pomegranates,
Placed before the god with the handsome countenance.

19th Dynasty [1]

Eva and Fuzzball

Exploring the pyramid

Nabila races through the gauntlet in the pyramid


Temple and Sphinx by the Nile

Darien Mason

Eleanor Anderton

Come, my brother, swim to me!
The water is deep in my love
Which carries me to you.

We are in the midst of the stream,
I clasp the flowers to my breast
Which is naked and drips with water.
But the moon makes them bloom like the lotus.

I give you my flowers
because they are beautiful,
And you are holding my hand
In the middle of the water.

Eva and Nabila showing off the well honed abs of belly dancers

Steam King of the Nile - Iason

Lumina and Ginger

A lovely guest (I did not catch her name) and Roberto

Is she dreaming of slipping into the cool waters of the Nile with a beloved?

The Explorer: Gnarli

Gnarli and Nix

The little sycamore
That she planted with her own hand
Opens its mouth to speak.
Its rustling is as sweet
As a draught of honey.
How beautiful its graceful branches
In their greenness.
On it hangs young fruit and fruit that is ripe,
Redder than the blood-red jasper.

The love of my loved one is on the other shore.
An arm of the river lies between us,
And crocodiles lurk on the sand-banks.
But I enter the water, I plunge into the flood;
My eager heart carries me swiftly over the waves;
I swim as surely as though I were walking on solid ground.
Love, it is love that gives me strength,
Averting the perils of the river.
18th Dynasty [1]

[1] Source: Samivel, The Glory of Egypt, 1955