May 15, 2008

She Awaits

Having read this blog, my friend, the Governor of Antiquity, has an understanding of my love of poetry. So it was a very pleasant surprise to have received some poetry written by the Laird Himself. I have a few of his pieces in my library now, but will pass only this along to you for now. Enjoy!

She Awaits
by AngusGraham Ceawlin

In port she waits for me
Oh that I think of her now
Responsive to my hands on her wheel
Oh how I yearn to feel her with me

Once her lines are cast, we are ready to sail
Sometimes as if, calm seas but others in a tempest
Together feeling the passion of the storm
Facing the wind and exacting pleasure

Embracing each wave
Cresting over and dipping down
We rise and fall together
Exacting pleasure in our voyage

The storm has passed
But yet she is not worn but glows
From bow to stern she is beautiful
Ready to sail again

Thank you, Angus.