May 11, 2008

And the Most Talented Complimentor Is.....

Just before 2pm SLT on May 11th quite a grand gathering of folks began in Loch Avie for the 2nd Annual Compliments Duel to benefit of the SL Relay for Life. (Last year saw JJ Drinkwater and Colonel Exrex Somme battling in Haiku and in Compliments on two seperate occasions.)

This time the Duel would be carried out 600m above Nellie's Cove in Loch Avie. Announcements and SLURLs were sent out. Folks began teleporting to the telehub as well. Thanks to a friend of Mr. Drinkwater's and to Lt. Colonel Hotspur O'Toole for directing folks to the jello cube teleportation device, and thanks to Baron Wulfenbach and to Seneschal Serra Annansi for so kindly sending teleports to many of the folks who were unable to use the slurls or rapidly locate the pub tp device.

The Loch Avie skyplat was transformed into a Steampunk Outdoor Theatre. The platform itself was formed from copper, and two brass sentries stood 60 meters tall with axes drawn. Of course a fully equipped bar was available at the rear of the seating area. The stage for the event was based on the Hatch Shell along the Esplanade in Boston, MA in the United States, with textured with steel on the outside and parquet wood on the interior and flooring. The pièce de résistance, however, was the steampunk seating of the Glaubner Middlesea Theater that Lt. Colonel O'Toole worked so hard to create along with Miss Frequency Picnic. (The only danger to the cushioned steel mesh dome seats was to those in large hats, who had a devil of a time standing until Col. O'Toole shared the secret with the group.)

We had a bit of a scare when Mr. Drinkwater crashed and was unable to return for several minutes, but thankfully everyone seemed please to chat, tap dance and whatnot until he was able to reappear and the event could begin.

Judges were chosen by bids; the top 5 bidders "earned" the right to judge the contest.

Miss Safia Widdershins
Baron Wulfenbach
Miss Cornelia Rothschilds
Miss Gloriana Maertens
and YHN, Eva Bellambi

*The transcript that follows has been edited to remove much of the content; however, the full length of the compliments are included along with some of the crowd commentary to give those who were not there the flavor of the event. This is not a short read, but most enjoyable.*

The Rules were announced by me:
[14:26] You: Ladies and Gentlemen - the rules of engagement for the event:
[14:26] You: there will be 5 rounds of compliments.....the first determined by a coin toss by the senior judge
[14:27] You: Each round - the audience may wish to show approval by applause and of course DONATIONS
[14:27] You: and the judges will keep score privately.....on the quality of the compliments.
[14:28] You: At the end of all 5 rounds the judges will inform the senior judge of their vote for winner, which will be announced at the end of our event
[14:28] You: any questions? or anything that I have missed?

And thus Round 1 began after Mr. Drinkwater won the coin toss:

[14:34] JJ Drinkwater: At our last Duel, I began with a story about Somme...which I here recap, for those who have slept since then
[14:34] Eva Bellambi grins
[14:34] Shylah Garmes chuckles
[14:34] JJ Drinkwater: It seems Colonel Somme died and went to Hell. He was met at the gate by Old Scratch himself......
[14:34] JJ Drinkwater: ...who most obligingly gave him the Dignitary's tour -- one prince to another, you know, but at the end ....
[14:34] JJ Drinkwater: ....said "I am very sorry, Colonel, but you cannot stay."
[14:35] JJ Drinkwater: Colonel Somme wished to know his reason, for surely a gentleman is welcome everywhere, he remarked.
[14:35] JJ Drinkwater: The Devil concurred, but said, "I am worried about two things.
[14:35] JJ Drinkwater: One is that your native virtue will undermine all my most infernal workings and put me out of business.
[14:35] JJ Drinkwater: The other, is that you will make yourself quite at home, and show me up for a rank amatuer!"
[14:35] JJ Drinkwater: In the intervening year, however.....
[14:35] Exrex Somme chuckles
[14:36] JJ Drinkwater: I make it my busines to study all forms of excellence, I have thought much of my esteemed opponent
[14:36] JJ Drinkwater: And I beleive I can condense that story somewhat
[14:36] JJ Drinkwater: When a much admired Caledon Colonel
[14:36] Entered chat range: Daisyblue Hefferman, Bryndal Ellison
[14:37] JJ Drinkwater: Was consigned to the regions infernal
[14:37] JJ Drinkwater: Old Scratch said "What, you?
[14:37] JJ Drinkwater: "Somme, this really won't do.
[14:37] JJ Drinkwater: "For you're rated with 'glory, eternal'."

[14:38] Exrex Somme: Your graces, lords and ladies, friends and my esteemed opponent, I should first of all like to thank you all for coming again
[14:39] Exrex Somme: This duel is a highlight of year for me
[14:39] Exrex Somme: And I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do
[14:39] Exrex Somme: Now, as for my opponent
[14:39] Hotspur Otoole: :-D
[14:39] Exrex Somme: I should like to start by stating very clearly that Sir JJ is indeed a brick.
[14:39] Riven Homewood: oh dear
[14:39] Exrex Somme: I do not mean to imply that he is either square, or dense.
[14:40] KlausWulfenbach Outlander chuckles
[14:40] JJ Drinkwater studied the foundations, after all
[14:40] Shylah Garmes perks an ear forward :)
[14:40] Exrex Somme: Those ladies who have danced with him will certify the former is untrue, and anyone who has conversed with him will know that the later is unture as well
[14:40] Riven Homewood: No one has ever accused Sir Jj of being a second story man
[14:40] Exrex Somme: Nor do I refer to the Shakespearing "you blocks, you stones you worse than senseless things"
[14:40] Gloriana Maertens murmurs, "He is many stories"
[14:41] Eva Bellambi smiles
[14:41] JJ Drinkwater: (that is because I knopw only one story, Miss Homewood)
[14:41] Exrex Somme: Rather, it is because he is the keystone, as it were, of learning and culture in Caledon
[14:41] Erasmus Margulis: hear him..hear him!
[14:41] Riven Homewood: Huzzah!
[14:41] Podruly Peccable: Ooooh, good one
[14:41] Exrex Somme: His tireless work in building libraries, holding book discussion and inspiring learning in all forms
[14:42] Exrex Somme: make him a veritable foundation of our fair state.
[14:42] Kaye Robbiani: hear, hear!
[14:42] Exrex Somme: Ladies and gentlemen, I nominate Sir JJ as the first official brick of Caledon

Round 2:

[14:43] You: Well done gents! Folks show your appreciation and drop some lindens into the kiosks
[14:43] KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds
[14:43] JJ Drinkwater would almost be mortar-fied to make an answer
[14:43] Otenth Paderborn applauds
[14:43] You: And if you are so inclined, JJ, we are ready for round 2
[14:43] Rudolfo Woodget: well-done, Colonel
[14:43] Shylah Garmes giggles
[14:43] Serra Anansi groans
[14:43] Exrex Somme: Go on, JJ, cement your reputation
[14:44] Otenth Paderborn groans
[14:44] Hotspur Otoole: I'm sure there's mortar come...
[14:44] JJ Drinkwater: You have quite left me in the dust, sir, but I will not quite consider myself walled in
[14:44] Eva Bellambi rolls her eyes and smirks
[14:44] Exrex Somme: I look forward to more edificication, sir
[14:44] JJ Drinkwater: We are speaking, then, of architecture....
[14:45] Shylah Garmes groans at all the puns :)
[14:45] JJ Drinkwater: Of that which gives shape and sense to what are otherwise miscellaneous elements and materials
[14:45] Exrex Somme: Sorry, no refunds :-)
[14:46] JJ Drinkwater: If Caledon is an edifice, with the Guvnah as its s we who make the walls rise
[14:47] Quinn Lanzius: Hear, hear!
[14:48] JJ Drinkwater: And, that Caledon be a pleasant house, that we may better enjoy the masonry of our works and days...what is necessary but that it should be built in a spirit of generosity and civility?
[14:49] Erasmus Margulis nods...true true
[14:49] Eva Bellambi listens
[14:49] JJ Drinkwater: And that, moreover, there be convivilaity and learning, such as the Colonel posesses, to let in the light?
[14:50] JJ Drinkwater: Whenever I have the pleasure to speak to Somme, I feel I am given a window onto a more civilized, wider, and kinder world
[14:50] Hotspur Otoole: As I'm sure he'll remind you repeatedly. :-D
[14:50] Entered chat range: Searra Weatherwax, LittleToe Bartlett, Otenth Paderborn
[14:51] JJ Drinkwater: And, as a house is but a dark and gloomy place with no I feel Caledon would be vastly dimmer, without my esteemed adversary here
[14:51] Otenth Paderborn: bravo, sir!
[14:51] Audrey Fotherington rings out her hanky once more
[14:52] Eva Bellambi applauds
[14:52] JJ Drinkwater: I therefore propse, that, for his infinitude of polite accomplishments, and all the other aspects of his character...
[14:52] ShayLee Greenspan claps
[14:52] JJ Drinkwater: Somme be henceforth known as the Foremost Pane of Caledon
[14:52] Cornelia Rothschild giggles!
[14:52] Exrex Somme chuckles
[14:52] Eva Bellambi laughs and laughs
[14:52] Gabrielle Riel applauds wildly
[14:52] Shylah Garmes laughs and applauds!!!

[14:53] You: And how shall you respond to that, Colonel Pane?
[14:53] Audrey Fotherington: :)
[14:53] Exrex Somme: I thank your grace
[14:53] Saffia Widdershins applauds
[14:53] Gloriana Maertens murmurs, "A hit! A palapable hit!"
[14:54] KlausWulfenbach Outlander wonders if Caledon will crack the L$1 million mark here
[14:54] Exrex Somme: Sir JJ, you speak of "Of that which gives shape and sense to what are otherwise miscellaneous elements and materials"
[14:54] Exrex Somme: I say to you that what gives shape to those things is knowledge, learning and erudition
[14:54] Exrex Somme: Some may say that we military types are the guardians of our civilization, but I say them nay
[14:55] Exrex Somme: I say that you librarians, the keepers of our knowledge and culture, are the guardians
[14:55] Exrex Somme: Mounted on your stools, equiped with flashing ruler and polished pen nib
[14:55] Exrex Somme: Charging under you mighty battle cry of "Shooooooosh"
[14:56] KlausWulfenbach Outlander chuckles
[14:56] Exrex Somme: It is you who fight back the forces of barbarism and ignorance, and help to shape our beloved Caledon into the wonderful place it has become.
[14:56] Riven Homewood is waiting for the rimshot
[14:57] Riven Homewood: but the trumpets were more appropriate
[14:57] Exrex Somme: For you are truly correct, this place is built by its people, but without the forces of the Library Mounted Infantry, we should be as nothing amoung the states of world
[14:58] Exrex Somme: And you sir, are the leader of that noble unit, and the very model of those we seek to emulate.
[14:58] Desmond Shang is Online
[14:58] Exrex Somme: Let us all yell a mighty "Shooooosh" in honour of brave Sir LL :-)
[14:58] Exrex Somme shouts: Shooooooosh
[14:58] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Shoooooosh
[14:58] Autopilotpatty Poppy: Shoooooooosh!
[14:58] Quinn Lanzius: Shooooosh!
[14:58] Cornelia Rothschild: Shoooosh!
[14:58] Gloriana Maertens: Shoooooosh
[14:58] You: Shooooooooosh!
[14:58] Foxguards Henhouse: Shooosh!
[14:58] Kaye Robbiani: Sir LL?
[14:58] Otenth Paderborn: Shooooosh!
[14:58] Zoe Connolly: Shooooooosh!
[14:58] Rudolfo Woodget shouts: Shooooooosh!
[14:58] Derry McMahon: shoooooosh!
[14:58] ShayLee Greenspan: Shoooooooosh
[14:58] Erasmus Margulis: Shooooooosh!
[14:58] Podruly Peccable: Shush
[14:58] Kaye Robbiani: Shoooooooosh!
[14:58] Aberdon Enigma: Shoooooosh!
[14:58] Audrey Fotherington: shhhhhh
[14:58] Exrex Somme: er, Sir JJ
[14:58] Riven Homewood: SHOOOOOOSH!
[14:58] ZenMondo Wormser: Shoooooooooosh!
[14:58] Saffia Widdershins: Shooooosh!
[14:58] Eva Bellambi applauds
[14:58] LadyStargazer Graves: shooosh
[14:59] Galactic Baroque: SHOOOOOOSH!
[14:59] Daisyblue Hefferman: Shooooooooooosh! from 1 libraria to another
[14:59] Lavendar Beaumont: shooosh
[14:59] Exrex Somme bows to his esteemed opponent
[14:59] Riven Homewood: although to yell a shoosh is contrary to all library etiquette

[15:00] You shout: Ladies and Gentlemen - Team Caledon has passed 900,000 Lindens

*Much Rejoicing ensued along with challenges to hit 1 Million Lindens*

Round 3:

[15:01] Hotspur Otoole: Exrex,the Folks at Not Possible in Real Life have sent me to donate 1000L:

[15:01] You: JJ - when you are ready
[15:01] JJ Drinkwater: It pleases my noble opponent to give me credit for fighting the battle of knowledge and literacy....
[15:01] Hotspur Otoole: which I will naturally put in your shako.
[15:01] Hotspur Otoole: :-D
[15:01] Exrex Somme: Please thank them, Otoole, profusely
[15:02] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Huzzah for NPIRL!
[15:02] JJ Drinkwater: Ignoring the fact that he is himself a might warrior in that cause, as is known to all the librarians of Caledon from his tendency to, for instance, check out the entire History section at once
[15:02] Barbara Schwarz: Watch out he's winding the watch of his wit, by and by it will strike
[15:02] Hotspur Otoole: Done!
[15:02] Exrex Somme switches hats for luck
[15:03] JJ Drinkwater: But is it only we who have the privilege to serve literacy professionally who may be credited with fighting its battles?
[15:03] JJ Drinkwater: I do not feel we may that with any certainty!
[15:03] Gabrielle Riel swoons at the hat change
[15:03] Cornelia Rothschild giggles at Her Grace.
[15:04] JJ Drinkwater: Besides Somme's undoubted devotion to literacy, knowledge, & which no mere praise of mine can do justice, I wish to priase his profession
[15:04] Multi Gadget v1.54.1: Daisyblue Hefferman, Bryndal Ellison, Annechen Lowey
[15:05] JJ Drinkwater: If I may, I will quote John Adams...
[15:05] JJ Drinkwater: A soldier and ststeman, as is somme...
[15:05] JJ Drinkwater: ..and a very devoted husband, as is Somme
[15:05] JJ Drinkwater: Adams said, in a letter to his wife...
[15:06] Exrex Somme bows to his opponent for that kind comment
[15:06] You: smiles
[15:06] JJ Drinkwater: "I must study Politicks and War that my sons may have liberty to study Mathematicks and Philosophy. My sons ought to study Mathematicks and Philosophy, Geography, natural History, Naval Architecture, navigation, Commerce and Agriculture, in order to give their Children a right to study Painting, Poetry, Musick, Architecture, Statuary, Tapestry and Porcelaine."
[15:07] Kaye Robbiani: well said!
[15:07] Lavendar Beaumont: hazzah
[15:07] Derry McMahon: so true!
[15:07] JJ Drinkwater: Those who fight on the real battlefields of the world, that the more rarefied pursuits of life may have oportunity to thrive, are equally champinons in the cause of literacy
[15:08] JJ Drinkwater: Such a one is Colonel his wife, who has many times battled though his stacks of overdue library books, has every cause to know...just as Abigail did of John

[15:10] Exrex Somme: Well, Sir, you speak of the virtues martial, and I cannot disagree with your assesment, for to do so would be to denegrate my fellow Lancers
[15:10] Derry McMahon thinks nothing is sheepish about himself
[15:10] Gabrielle Riel whispers to Miss Rothschild: do you have any smelling salts..I feel....weak
[15:11] Exrex Somme: And I have been known to take the occasional volume of Tacitcus, or a copy of Frederick the Great's instructions to his generals from your voluminous stacks
[15:11] KlausWulfenbach Outlander hopes he's close enough to catch the Duchess if she swoons out of her seat
[15:11] Cornelia Rothschild looks helplessly at the duchess Carntaigh. "I'm afraid not, as they don't help me when *I* swoon. Here, have my fan, though."
[15:11] JJ Drinkwater: (getting a little personal there, Somme!)
[15:11] You: Don't worry her hat will keep her in the seat
[15:11] Exrex Somme: But you say what you say, Sir, whilst standing here in hessian boots, a uniform, and epaullets
[15:12] Exrex Somme: And I think you yourself Sir represent the militant aspects of librarianism
[15:12] Riven Homewood: The Librarians of Second Life have sent a $1500L donation for Sir JJ
Thank You Librarians of Second Life
[15:12] You: Huzzah!
[15:12] Lavendar Beaumont: \M/YAY\M/
[15:12] Lavendar Beaumont: \o/
[15:12] Shylah Garmes: huzzah!!!
[15:12] KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds the Librarians
[15:12] Exrex Somme: And while I may study certain parts of the library, you are indeed a master of all its component parts
[15:13] Exrex Somme: All of the knowledge in our various libraries flows to you, and I think we can therefore safely nomination you as
[15:13] Exrex Somme: wait for it
[15:13] Exrex Somme: Caledon's Literary Sump
[15:13] Derry McMahon waits eagerly!
[15:13] DrBob Margulies is enjoying the hat duel
[15:13] Shylah Garmes flicks her tal and giggles!!
[15:13] Eva Bellambi applauds
[15:13] KlausWulfenbach Outlander laughs
[15:13] Saffia Widdershins laughs
[15:13] Gloriana Maertens laughs
[15:13] Autopilotpatty Poppy APPLAUDS!!!

[15:14] Riven Homewood: $300 from Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library in Cybrary City
Thank you Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library!
[15:15] KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds the donation
[15:15] You: Our total just keeps growing!!
[15:15] Shylah Garmes: yay!!
[15:15] You: 916,940L so far!!

Round 4:

[15:17] JJ Drinkwater: Well, sir, it seems we have wondered into domestic architecture, as a theme
[15:18] Gabrielle Riel blows a chaste kiss to Mr. Woodget
[15:18] Eva Bellambi places her rose top hat on in symbolic support of both gentlemen.
[15:18] Riven Homewood greatly admires the concept of a chaste kiss
[15:18] Hotspur Otoole: Humph, get 'em all the time.. Sigh
[15:19] Gabrielle Riel can pull it off...really
[15:19] JJ Drinkwater: And I would indeed speak of houses...for, with such persons as yourself to guard the physical and civil and literary well being of the state, we are all, as the saying is "as safe as houses"
[15:20] JJ Drinkwater: Now, while you are the most modest of me, Colonel, I know you take no little pride in your HOuse, the illustrious House of Somme
[15:20] Exrex Somme looks closely at JJ
[15:20] Bellambi Estates - Uisge Beatha: Drink it in good health, Quinn Lanzius!
[15:20] Bellambi Estates - Uisge Beatha: 43 yet left to pour.
[15:20] JJ Drinkwater: And it is upon your family, and your antecedents, and those who have the happiness to be of your line, that I now wish to comment
[15:21] Otenth Paderborn adjusts his seatbelt.
[15:21] JJ Drinkwater: And as we have had mention of music, what better thing can I do but to nate that....
[15:21] JJ Drinkwater: That Illustrious family, the Sommes
[15:21] JJ Drinkwater: Have weathered the storms and the calms
[15:22] JJ Drinkwater: When Exrex appears
[15:22] JJ Drinkwater: The inner ear hears
[15:22] JJ Drinkwater: A fanfare, on sackbutts and shawms

[15:22] Desmond Shang shouts: yay!
[15:23] Otenth Paderborn applauds.
[15:23] Shylah Garmes applauds!
[15:23] Gabrielle Riel: Des????
[15:23] Aberdon Enigma applauds!
[15:23] Erasmus Margulis: I think what JJ just said was Somme men have it...others don't
[15:23] Exrex Somme: I thank you for the compliment to my house and name
[15:23] You: Ah the Guv snuck in on us
[15:23] Saffia Widdershins applauds
[15:23] Gabrielle Riel laughs
[15:23] Gloriana Maertens applauds the Early Music references!

*Much lively celebrating of our illustrious Guvnah's presence ensued*

[15:24] Exrex Somme: The arrival of our esteemed Guv'nor allows me to give my opponent his due
[15:24] Exrex Somme: He has referred very kindly to the honour of my house and for that i thank him
[15:25] JJ Drinkwater admires the Colonels very fine taste in hats
[15:25] Exrex Somme: I wish in return to speak of the house of Drinkwater
[15:25] Exrex Somme: I suspect sir, that the name of your house reflects that it did indeed rise from humble circumstances
[15:25] Exrex Somme: until its finest flowing in your
[15:25] Exrex Somme: recent promotion to knighthood
[15:26] Exrex Somme: For all of us know that honour and nobility are not earned, or given, but are recognized
[15:26] Gabrielle Riel smiles
[15:26] Exrex Somme: And your knighthood sir, is recognition from the Governor and people of Caledon of all that you have contributed
[15:26] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Well said.
[15:26] Exrex Somme: and there can be no finer tribute than that
[15:26] Shylah Garmes: very well said
[15:26] Gloriana Maertens: Well said indeed
[15:26] Exrex Somme: I would doff my hat to your Sir, if I thought i would stay in my hand :-)
[15:27] Otenth Paderborn: Bravo, sir!


[15:27] You: Ladies and Gentlemen - we have made it to the beginning of our last round!
[15:27] You: Send those Lindens to the kiosks!
[15:27] Saffia Widdershins applauds
[15:28] You shout: We are at 919380L!
[15:28] Gershom Wycliffe: title blue Go Duelists!!!!

[15:29] You: JJ - you may procede, sir
[15:29] JJ Drinkwater takes a deep breath
[15:29] JJ Drinkwater: I am so stunned by the Colonel's politesse, as well as by his hats, that I am, for the moment, at a loss for words
[15:30] JJ Drinkwater pretends to think
[15:30] Exrex Somme thinks that unlikely, to say the least
[15:30] JJ Drinkwater: It is true, sir, that in a land of magnanimous spirit, as this, our Caledon, we rise as we are able
[15:31] JJ Drinkwater: And yet, it is not only those who are poor who are honest, nor yet only those of humble origins who exemplify Nature's Nobility
[15:32] JJ Drinkwater: And, as I have repeatedly said, here today and on many another ocassion
[15:32] JJ Drinkwater: Your love of learning do you the most irreproachable credit
[15:33] JJ Drinkwater: As I am at a loss for words, I think I must let pictures tell, in the main, my story....
[15:33] Exrex Somme looks nervous
[15:33] You: oh my!
[15:33] Lavendar Beaumont giggles softly
[15:33] JJ Drinkwater: As you know, it is the custom of the Caledon library to name its brances and, when possible, its collections, after persons of note
[15:34] Exrex Somme trusts he fellow lancers will cover his retreat
[15:34] JJ Drinkwater: viz the Marie Curie and HG Wells memroial branches
[15:34] QatanI Damdin is Online
[15:34] JJ Drinkwater: And the Ellen Throckmorton Etiquette collection
[15:35] JJ Drinkwater: Now, the glory of the Caledon library (second only to its patrons and supporters) is its collections
[15:35] JJ Drinkwater: And when we went to name our Reference Collection
[15:35] Exrex Somme blushes
[15:35] Eva Bellambi begins to smile broadly
[15:35] JJ Drinkwater: We felt that we must name it for someone of suitably compendious learning, and widespread intellectual curiosity
[15:36] JJ Drinkwater: Which is why, sir, we could do no better that to create....
[15:37] Exrex Somme: Good lord
[15:37] You: OH my!

[15:37] Gloriana Maertens gasps
[15:37] Cornelia Rothschild: o_o
[15:37] JJ Drinkwater: The Colonel Exrex Somme Reference Collection
[15:37] Eva Bellambi applauds wildly!
[15:37] Cornelia Rothschild: Oooh.
[15:37] Kghia Gherardi applauds
[15:37] Desmond Shang shouts: wah!
[15:37] Lavendar Beaumont: Hazzah!
[15:37] Kaye Robbiani: whooo hoooo!
[15:37] You: Bravo JJ! Bravo Colonel Somme!!
[15:38] Searra Weatherwax applauds
[15:38] ShayLee Greenspan: Hoooo-ooo-oo-ooooooo!!!!!!!
[15:38] Saffia Widdershins cheers
[15:38] Gloriana Maertens applauds furiously
[15:38] Autopilotpatty Poppy APPLAUDS!!!
[15:38] JJ Drinkwater: IT is but a small tribute, sir, to your true desserts
[15:38] Otenth Paderborn applauds with vigor.
[15:38] Riven Homewood: WOW!
[15:38] Cornelia Rothschild: That was obscenely flash.
[15:38] Exrex Somme bows to his opponent
[15:38] Hotspur Otoole: I would be quite undone.
[15:38] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Well said, Fraulein Rothschild.
[15:38] Podruly Peccable: hooray!

[15:42] Exrex Somme: You have honoured me more than you can know by naming the reference collection after me, JJ
[15:43] Otenth Paderborn bows to Miss Christensen and admires her hair.
[15:43] Eva Bellambi smiles softly
[15:43] Exrex Somme: Coming from one who I consider to be a living reference collection it is high praise indeed
[15:43] Exrex Somme: But without your tireless efforts to build libraries, raise the level of our culture and our knowledge the names of the edifices would be for naught
[15:44] Exrex Somme: So, in the paraphrased words of the immortal bard, if I may
[15:44] Exrex Somme: And the Relay for Life shall ne'er go by From this day to the ending of the world
[15:44] Exrex Somme: But bold librarians be rememberèd, Those few, those bookish few, that band of scribblers.
[15:44] JJ Drinkwater as ever, tune his ear to the Colonel's words
[15:44] Exrex Somme: For he today that duels with me Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so mild,
[15:44] Exrex Somme: This day shall honour his condition. And gentlefolk in Caledon now abed
[15:44] Exrex Somme: Shall weep for sorrow they were not here, And hold their lindens cheap, whiles any speaks That stood with us upon Saint Mamertus’ day.
[15:45] Podruly Peccable: Hear him!
[15:45] Exrex Somme: Ladies and Gentlemen
[15:45] KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds
[15:45] Exrex Somme: There can be no finer title than that of Librarian of Caledon
[15:45] Exrex Somme: I give you Sir JJ
[15:45] Riven Homewood us awestruck
[15:45] Callipygian Christensen applauds, both the speaker and the subject
[15:45] Eva Bellambi applauds!
[15:45] KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds some more

15:46] You: Ladies and Gentlemen!
[15:47] You: Colonel Somme and Sir JJ Drinkwater!
[15:47] You: Another round of applause!
[15:47] Desmond Shang shouts: yaaay!
[15:47] Callipygian Christensen applauds and whistles in a most unladylike fashion
[15:47] Kghia Gherardi applauds
[15:47] Eva Bellambi claps
[15:47] Erasmus Margulis: Hoooo!
[15:47] Autopilotpatty Poppy APPLAUDS!!!
[15:47] KlausWulfenbach Outlander gives a standing ovation
[15:47] Phineas Messmer: Hoooo!
[15:47] Autopilotpatty Poppy APPLAUDS!!!
[15:47] Podruly Peccable: Hoooo!
[15:47] Gloriana Maertens stands and applauds
[15:47] Wildstar Beaumont claps enthusiastically
[15:47] Exrex Somme: Thank you all for your donations ,and your applause
[15:47] Zoe Connolly: Hoooo!
[15:47] Gloriana Maertens: Hoooo!
[15:47] JJ Drinkwater claps furiously for the Colonel, the People of Caledon, and the Great Cause of RFL
[15:47] Annechen Lowey: Brilliant!!!!!!
[15:47] You: Keep the lindens coming to the kiosks
[15:47] Riven Homewood: HooOOOOHHH!!!!

*More and more applause and cheering as the votes were tallied*

[15:50] You shout: The votes are in!
[15:51] JJ Drinkwater rummages for that Golden Apple he's had kicking around in the archives since who knows when
[15:51] You shout: The voting is complete and the votes are Colonel Somme - 2, Sir JJ Drinkwater - 3.
[15:51] Shylah Garmes cheers!
[15:51] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Oh, very close!
[15:51] Exrex Somme bows to Sir JJ
[15:51] Gloriana Maertens: Huzzah!!!!
[15:51] Otenth Paderborn: Huzzah!
[15:51] Autopilotpatty Poppy APPLAUDS!!!
[15:51] Hotspur Otoole: huzzah!
[15:51] ShayLee Greenspan claps
[15:51] Serra Anansi beams
[15:51] Cornelia Rothschild yays!
[15:51] Diamanda Gustafson claps
[15:51] Riven Homewood: Yea!!
[15:51] You: Congratulations - Sir JJ! Compliments Duel 2.0 Champion!
[15:51] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Congratulations, Sir JJ!
[15:51] Erasmus Margulis: Very Well Played Gentlemen
[15:51] Kiralette Kelley roars happily
[15:51] Wildstar Beaumont claps
[15:51] JJ Drinkwater's jaw drops
[15:51] Serra Anansi applauds wildly

Such a wonderful event! I am grateful for being permitted to, once again, allow Loch Avie to host the Compliments Duel. Thanks to all who attended, those who donated, and those who donated even in absentia.

Well done Sir JJ, and Colonel Somme!! Well done indeed!

**For those interested parties a small Youtube, which is merely a slideshow of pictures roughly along the timeline of the event, and the song of the evening.**


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Duchess,

Even for my own decision, it was as close a contest as the duel overall. It came down to a very difficult decision on Round 2.

I was honoured to participate.


Klaus Wulfenbach