Jun 3, 2008

The Red Rose of Caledon - Part II

Well, my head is finally beginning to feel normal. Mixing whisky and bathtub gin may not be the best plan after all.

But what a wonderful Rez Day event it was. Yes, it has been 2 full nights since the First Caledon Lancers held the Dining-In and toasting contest in my honor in their Mess Hall on Middlesea. Yes, it has been 2 full nights since we completed the formal and VERY HUMBLING (for me) event and then rapidly changed into our best silent movies-themed garb and headed Upstairs for a phenomenal party. But....I am still moved beyond belief at the expressions of love and respect that were shown by many friends and neighbors, as well as Loch Avie's Own and the Knights of the Order of the Red Rose.

Special thanks to Colonel Exrex Somme, Colonel Hotspur O'Toole, Leftenant Diamanda Gustafson, and the rest of Loch Avie's Own First Caledon Lancers. I also very much appreciate the efforts of Sir Telemachus Dean and Sir Adso Krogstad of the ORR. As well, the night would not have been the same without the help of Boyarinya Eventide, Her Grace, Kate Nicholas, Her Grace of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel, Her Grace of Lionsgate, Kamilah Hauptmann, and Seneschal of Winterfell, Serra Annasi. But really, thanks to all of you - so very much. You make this Second existence much more fun; you help me nurture and express my creativity.