Jun 16, 2008

Midsummer Naughty and Nice

Quite a few social activities this past weekend here in this little corner of the Metaverse.

Friday night found me in Steelhead for the Lord of the Rings themed dance followed by a great time in Winterfell at The Green Fairy dancing with Miss Serra and many other friends. (There was also a very interesting trivia quiz. *smiles wickedly* Alas I have no pictures from those events. I have no excuse really...I just didn't take any. I did, however, get a few shots in my Shieldmaiden of Rohan look (minus the blond hair) whilst trying out my newest airship (try not to be too jealous) - a gift from Lady Kate Nicholas. This sweet thing is full mod and I look forward to personalizing the ship to suit my adventurous desires.

Flying along the coastline in Loch Avie

The gang-plank of the airship. In my Eowyn costume.

Saturday was a very busy time in RL, but I was able to pop into the Midsummer Rave in Shengri-La. I had not been there in some time, and it was nice to see a few friends from IBM as well as Shenlei and Rez.

The view from the skies. So beautiful.

Eva, the Blue Færie

Our hostess, Shenlei Flasheart

Dancing in the garden with Lady Kate Nicholas

And finally last night after a very happy and successful Father's Day celebration in RL, I attended the fabulous naughty and nice Rez Day celebration of Miss Lumina of Steelhead. Grand good fun!

The Rez Day girl

Part of the crowd early in the evening enjoying the music and the gorgeous setting

Two of the 4 or 5 Radio Riel staff present. Gabrielle and Red (Red DJ'd the evening)

Silhouetted Dancers

Is this Hugh Wulfenbach?


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...


It was a gift, and I thought one night of running around nearly naked was more than enough.


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

*massages sore nose*

Now Baron, I thought that you fit the theme quite nicely....and, by the way, were far more sexy than Hefner could even imagine himself to be.

*smiles sweetly and goes on about her day*

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Not your nose, dear woman, mine.

And, erm, danke.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Ah - well surely I was only having flashbacks of my time with the Cistercian Sisters in Dijon. Nose pinches were quite popular among the younger teachers as a method of behavior modification.

Keine Ursache!