Jun 8, 2008

Warrior Celt

I am fairly certain that Angus did not have a Scottish Clan Chieftainess in mind when he wrote the words below. However, I am equally as sure that he will not mind that I found them appropriate not only to my persona as the "Warrior Duchess" but to many of the fine men and women I know in Caledon and other lands here in the æther.

The Warrior Celt

by: Angus Graham Ceawlin

The Warrior Celt awaits with sword in sheath but ev'r at the ready

He trusts that past experience makes the draw quick and steady

For tonight he fights not for blood nor gold

But even in practice of daring and parry

For soon he must go forth ere so bold

May we all live our Lives with Honor and Patience, utilizing our Training and Timing with expert care and consideration.