Jan 26, 2009

Burns Night Celebration - Isle of Skye

I was pleased to host an intimate event last evening in my new home - my ancient familial homelands. We celebrated Rabbie Burns' 250th Birthday with whisky, haggis, story-telling, and poetry reading. There was plenty of commentary, laughter, and good cheer.

I believe Rabbie would have been pleased to have joined us.

Many good stories and wonderful poems were shared. Here is but a sampling:

From Mr. Burns:

  • Address to a Haggis (Eva Bellambi)
  • Scotch Drink (Eva Bellambi)
  • A Tippling Ballad (Eva Bellambi)
  • Auld Rob Morris (Eva Bellambi)
  • Robert Bruce's March To Bannockburn (Eva Bellambi)
  • The Gloomy Night is Gath'ring Fast (Exrex Somme)
  • My Bonnie Mary (Exrex Somme)
Ever the generous soul, Mr. Somme was trying to assure my comfort.
also known as the danger of multipose cushions. :p

Hotspur tells the King of Locahlin.....

The King of Locahlin and His Three Beautiful Daughters (Hotspur O'Toole)
The Fool of the World and His Airship (Hotspur O'Toole)

Walking with Boudicca by C.Connelly (Eva Bellambi)

And finally:

[2009/01/25 20:56] Annechen Lowey: Reply From a Haggis by J. G. Farrell
[2009/01/25 20:56] Eva Bellambi grins
[2009/01/25 20:56] Annechen Lowey: O' Lady o' Skye, ye addressed me weel, Which so befits a hielan' chiel,
And tho' like you I'm far frae hame,
I sure achieved my share of fame.
[2009/01/25 20:56] Kara Timtam raises an eyebrow. A talking haggis?
[2009/01/25 20:56] Annechen Lowey: I never thocht I'd see the day, I'd grace a trencher doon this way,
In the brawest club in (Winterfell) toon, Tho' mony a mile frae bonny Doon.
[2009/01/25 20:56] Eva Bellambi smiles broadly
[2009/01/25 20:56] Exrex Somme is Offline
[2009/01/25 20:56] Annechen Lowey: Once fit for only rustic table, I now enjoy a five star label, No longer classed as peasant grub For now I grace the Skye's table.
[2009/01/25 20:57] Annechen Lowey: I'm sometimes scorned by snobbish folks, And the butt of corny jokes, Such folks and jokes are unco phony, Now I'm acclaimed by Egon Ronay.
[2009/01/25 20:57] Eva Bellambi laughs and laughs
[2009/01/25 20:57] Kara Timtam barks with laughter!
[2009/01/25 20:57] Annechen Lowey: The Power who made mankind her care, Set me above all other fare, For Scotland's sake I'll keep this place, An' aye be Chieftain of the pudden' race.
[2009/01/25 20:57] Nabila Nadir: ha!
[2009/01/25 20:57] Annechen Lowey: So to all you Braw Scots lads & lassies That here tonight I see, Uphold auld Scotias good fair name, And from me - "Bon Appetite"
[2009/01/25 20:57] Annechen Lowey: ...
[2009/01/25 20:57] Eva Bellambi: BRAVO!!
[2009/01/25 20:57] Nabila Nadir: excellent!
[2009/01/25 20:57] Kara Timtam: Haggis Abu!
[2009/01/25 20:57] Eva Bellambi: Oh wonderful!!

Chatting with Mrs. Peterman at the end of the last poem.