Jan 19, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary Artificial Isle!

I was pleased to have been asked to assist in the coordination and planning of the Founder's Day events in Artificial Isle (Ai).

The event was to have been simply a fun party held in the Oceanside area of Ai filled with music and laughter. We had a live musician, harpo Jedburgh, for the first hour of the celebration.

harpo Jedburgh played a great set for the first hour of the party.

And DJ Frequency Picnic was at the turntables for the rest of the fun.

Frequency Picnic

Despite the issues with huge concurrency and bots, which made logging-in impossible for many, we had a nice crowd and quite a lot of fun.

ZATZAi dances (left) with the first resident, Dash, of the original sim.

some of the crowd listening to harpo's set

MarkTwain and Nber dance to the music

A member of the Royal Caledonian Air Force who enjoys flying in the area, decides to dance in the air as well.

(Wolf whistle) MarkTwain strips down to his...erm....valentine swim trunks...for the dunking booth fun.

The crowd lined up to ensure that Mark hit the drink.

ZATZ's turn

aaaannnnd....she goes under.

I've not been notified who won the tardis in the drawing at the end of the party as I had to return to the real.

I look forward to the next events in ZATZAi and Artificial Isle. Many more happy years!!