Jan 8, 2009

Into The North

And so, dear friends, it is time to move on.

Having been astonished to find the ancient homelands of my grandmother's people, The Frasers, I felt more at ease in Loch Avie. I knew that I would be able to leave her in the care of someone else, and explore these roots in my family tree. Nellie had led me there. She sense for weeks that something was amiss - or that there was something to draw us elsewhere. This is right.

Much has already been packed up thanks to highly efficient staff, and the manse has been returned to the mist again. Moving the distillery will take a little more time: the casks must be carefully moved, and the 'stills packed gently and transported carefully. Ah - but all this will happen.

My lands no longer have the spirit to hold more than a few people at a time, I believe they have been placed under some sort of spell (OOC - for those who are not aware, on Monday Linden Labs instituted the change to the open space sims, and now Loch Avie is a Homestead sim and is only able to support 20 avatars or less). However, she is still a gorgeous land and will suit her next caretaker nicely.

Yes - I will relinquish my title as Duchess of Loch Avie by moving from these lands as that particular honorific was associated with place. I will, however, remain an Estate Manager for all of the Independent State of Caledon.

The Order of the Red Rose will continue (yes folks have been asking) for these gentlemen were granted knighthood by virtue of their service to me, my clan, and my lands, and to Caledon.

This past weekend, I had an idea...one last blow out party before my flight into the north. It came together very nicely and very quickly. Kiralette Kelly provided the DJ services and created a very quirky playlist at my request. I said, "Kira, I want pipes, 1940's big bands, goth, 1980s....a selection of all the sides of Loch Avie....all the events and moods of me and the place." She came through with flying colors after only laughing at me for a few minutes. :-D

The revelers came in droves to help me give Loch Avie a proper send off....all 50 of us tried and failed to crash the sim. We killed the physics...stalled it completely. Frame rates were down to 1. The lag was horrific. BUT Loch Avie held strong and we had a grand good time.

Here are some pictures from this last, crazy, wonderful event. Enjoy!