Aug 27, 2009

Now this is how to close an exhibit

Miss Eleanor Anderton dances 'neath the flowers..

Last evening I had the privilege to join PJ Trenton and Tricia Aferdita at the closing of their joint show at Mr. Trenton's gallery, Exposure (
The theme of the closing event was Latin music.

While I was only able to join the fun for the last 30 minutes or so, it was a grand good time. Gabi was working the music and the crowd was quite animated and fun.

(foreground from left) Tricia, PJ, Eva, Gabi

Here are just a few snapshots from the event. Based on the quality of work I saw last night, and the warm welcome by the artists, I am sure to return to Exposure.

Salsa! Flamenco! Paso Doble!

Thanks, PJ!


PJ Trenton said...

Awww...thanks Eva! I am so glad you could come by. It was a fabulously fun night at Exposure...our first latin music night...but certainly not our last!

Thanks to everyone who came by and thanks to Gabi for the great music.