Aug 1, 2009


The Zombie Queen of Skye - or The Lady B in clever disguise.

...and her minions

There are zombies in my Minuet!

Brave Regency Lady Huntress

Excerpt from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
by: Jane Austin and Seth Grahame-Smith

As Mr. Darcy walked off, Elizabeth felt her blood turn cold. She had never in her life been so insulted. The warrior code demanded she avenge her honour. Elizabeth reached down to her ankle, taking care not to draw attention. There, her hand met the dagger concealed beneath her dress. She meant to follow this proud Mr. Darcy outside and open his throat.

But no sooner had she grabbed the handle of her weapon than a chorus of screams filled the assembly hall, immediately joined by the shattering of window panes. Unmentionables poured in, their movements clumsy yet swift; their burial clothing in a range of untidiness. Some wore gowns so tattered as to render them scandalous; other wore suits so filthy that one would assume they were assembled from little more than dirt and dried blood. Their flesh was in varying degrees of putrefaction; the freshly stricken were slightly green and pliant, whereas the longer dead were grey and brittle – their eyes and tongues long since turned to dust, and their lips pulled back into everlasting skeletal smiles.

A few of the guests, who had the misfortune of being too near the windows, were seized and feasted on at once. When Elizabeth stood, she saw Mrs. Long struggle to free herself as two female dreadfuls bit into her head, cracking her skull like a walnut, and sending a shower of dark blood spouting as high as the chandeliers.

Zombie Kira arrives....but a hunter lurks in the background.

What a fantastically fun night we had last night. I would say that there were more zombies than hunters or victims, but that did not stop our fun one bit. No ninjas at all, though, which is a wee bit of a shame. I was so pleased to have my friends from Steelhead join me in this venture.

Fuzzball Ortega rocked the playlist for 3 hours instead of just two because the party was still going strong at the stated 9pm ending.

It was also such a joy to have friends - from the very new (just met last night) to the very old (more than three years now) - from Caledon and Winterfell attend. We had folks from a smattering of other sims head on over and join the blood bath - er - fun as well. A new neighbor even braved the lag and dropped by to say 'hello'.

While we did not crash the sim, we did have a griefer show up. A sure sign of a well-attended event. He was diffused quite well by me in IM and left of his own accord. Iason, Tensai, and Hotspur were all poised to do some damage to the person if he had not complied(which is far more fun than merely ejecting they tell me) since I had enabled damage in the sim for the zombie shoot on the front lawn. A few hardy souls gave that a try - alas I have no pictures. Guess we'll just have to do it again.

My thanks to:
  • Zombie Kira who lent us the zombie shooter game
  • the Huntress Lumina who provided the dance machines
  • And to Zombie Icarus Ghost who shared some snapshots with me. I share those and several more of my own with you.

Gryffin Hax (hunter or hunted?)

Poor Angelica can't seem to detach this one.

Lovely Miss Lowey

A young zombie in love??

Lumina the Huntress

There's a young, tasty morsel.

Someone suggested that brains be checked at the door. "Yessssss, we'll keep them very safe for you. Yessss, of course they will be returned at the end of the night."


Frequency Picnic - the lovely (decided against zombie avatar stating that she has so many of them, it would be nice to be the lady for a change).

Fabulous Steelhead couples - all undeadlike

Do come back and see us.....and bring fresh brains your friends.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on what appeared to be a very successful event. Here's a fitting tribute for you, Lady B.