Aug 25, 2009


As defined in Merriam Webster's Dictionary: a teller of stories: as a : a relater of anecdotes b : a reciter of tales (as in a children's library) c : liar, fibber d : a writer of stories

sto·ry·tell·ing \-ˌte-liŋ\ noun

I was so pleased to be able to join in on the second half of the Storytelling event in Caledon Tamronnoch last evening. It had been too long since I indulged in such pleasure at the Fallen Anvil. Thank you JJ and Aldo!

And many thanks to the fine tale weavers whom I had the honor to hear: Diogenes Kuhr, Serra Anansi, and Riven Homewood.

Miss Dio

Lady Kate and I enjoy the tales - and the crisp white wine

Miss Riven

A lovely couple whom I have not yet met.

Mr. Ra, Sir JJ, Lady Serra, me, Lady Kate


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ahhh, I so wanted to be there, but it falls well into my bed time - what tales di dio tell?

Eva Bellambi said...

The theme of the night was "the heart of the story". So Miss Dio and others told a bit of their character backstory - the "why their are who they are today".

Great fun!