Oct 5, 2010

BoobieBalls 2010 - A Phenomenal Fund-Raising Sucess

(NSFW due to avatar nudity)

It is safe to say that I am constantly amazed by the generosity of my friends and neighbors in Second Life.  During our BoobieBalls this year, you help raise our total donations by 250,000 Lindens!

As is always our tradition, we raise these funds as we celebrate breast health and beauty, and the lives and men and women everywhere.  We do this with fun and irreverence to be sure.  Many double entendres, much nudity, lots of laughter and joy.  But we also share stories of our friends and family who are survivors of breast cancer, or are actively fighting the disease.  Sometimes, sadly, we also share stories of those who were diagnosed too late in the progression of the disease. 

This year we had the opportunity to give hugs and good thoughts to our dear friend, Myfi Davies, who is newly diagnosed with breast cancer and having her surgery in only a couple of days.  It was a pleasure to be able to spend some time with her at the BoobieBalls, to remind her of our love, and remind those in attendance that we do all of this for our sisters and brothers, our friends, our family.

Thank you.

Eva and Serra strike a pose just before the start of the SL time zone BoobieBall

 Serra and JJ

 The BoobieBall Pavilion
Serra and Gabi lead the line dance at the UK Ball

Gabrielle, Eva, Serra, Seerose

 Stormy Mefusula, the Chief Boobie Officer of RL Boobiethon