Oct 29, 2010

Poetry with Lady Eva : October's Opal

Candelabra and FireplaceImage by Daniel Greene via Flickr
October's Opal
by:Robert Savino

October is here, once again,
barely transcending the threshold of autumn.
The maple is turning yellow to orange, to red,
soon to be bared by winter.

Ah winter, when blankets of bliss
cover spoon-fit bodies,
flickering sparks to flames. . .
until love of spring gardens
becomes the rapture of summer bloom.

And looking from outside-in,
beyond recognizable beauty,
the ruby of jewels glows bright,
pumping currents of rivers red,
deep into the wells of every extremity.
Our chest fills with laughter.

When apart, even so brief,
this season stays with you,
whether I am or not
and your voice with me,
through wind’s immutable breath.

At the reading of this poem, I sighed softly, laid the book on my table, sank back into my large leather chair and stared dreamily into the dancing fire in my bedroom fireplace.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting & enjoying my poem. I'm glad it left you in such a warm place.

Robert Savino