Jul 29, 2011

Dispatch from Admiral Beaumont - Go to Highest Alert!!

Lady Eva ,

I just received a dispatch from my Chief of naval intelligence, who is sailing in mainland waters. I believe the information has the greatest urgency

Here is the message, that I relay to you without comments :

From Captain [name redacted], Commodore of the Special Ops Squadron, sailing aboard the Shooting Star north of the Sansara continent
To: Wildstar Beaumont - Vice Admiral - Wild Fleet Headquarters

Greetings Sir.
I have just received a classified message from Commander [name redacted] sailing on the Running Star in the waters around Nautilus City.
This is very troublesome information: a Vulgarian fleet has been sighted sailing around Nautilus City. Its destination is unknown but it is a very powerful fleet made mostly by ships of the line. I have been able to dispatch a sloop with Agent C on the coast of Nautilus and he has been able to follow them for a while thanks to the dark a foggy weather, and he was able to capture some images. 

We believe we might have heard the sound of an airship above the clouds, but we were not able to spot any. 

Unfortunately the information is days old as I am relying it to you and it will be at least two weeks old when it will reach you.
I believe your time for preparation is limited. If Winterfell is the target of the Vulgarians the Wild Fleet must go to the highest level of alert immediately.
I include the images captured by agent C.

With my Compliments

Captain [name redacted] aboard the Shooting Star


I am sorry to give you bad news, Lady Eva, but the time is little and preparations for the worst must accelerate 

My regards,


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Duchess Eva,

Although most of the Jägermonsters seconded here are on long-term assignments, and I have few other militarily-trained staff, I would assure you that whatever resources the Consulate may muster are at your disposal. You may call upon me at need.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Eva Bellambi said...


I sincerely appreciate your offer of assistance. We may have need within the next 24 hours. Latest intel indicates the ships are growing ever closer.
Please have anyone who may join the cause either check-in with Admiral Beaumont, myself, on Colonel Somme of the Lancers of Skye.

Your &c,