Jul 28, 2011

Preparations Begin

Personal Journal Entry
25 July

It was barely daylight when Bucephalus was brought up to the house for my urgent ride to Miss Serra’s.  The horse, sensing the criticality of this ride, was pawing the soft earth waiting to feel the weight of his mistress in the saddle.  The muscles of his flanks were twitching anxiously until my gloved hand smoothed his side just before my horsemaster handed me up. We rode furiously to Serra’s welcoming home.  Not entirely unexpectedly she met me at the door herself; there is nothing that transpires in Winterfell without her sensing something of it.  “Given our friendship,” she remarked, “I felt something was wrong with you.  It woke me from a deep sleep sometime in the middle of the night.”

As I began to share the story of the letter and the relatively recent history with the Vulgarians, she rang the bell for a staff member and told him to send for Admiral Beaumont immediately.  We paused briefly awaiting his arrival so that I need only share the story once.  Happily her staff brought the silver tea cart to the room.  After sipping the deliciously brewed Earl Grey blend, I felt a bit restored.  

Once Wildstar, as I call my friend, the Admiral, arrived he and I placed the historical puzzle pieces on the table for Serra.  (For those who may not know the history of the Vulgarian RP in the past please read: several articles including this one in Hibernia on the Skids; posts of several explorers including this one on The High Tea & Adventure Society)

“The unknown variable is really how they will arrive and attack. The when seems fairly certain.  I am sure they are well underway by now and will likely try to catch you off your guard sometime in the next few days.” Wildstar remarked.

“I drew the same conclusions.  I’ve sent the call out for my knights, my clan, and the Lancers of Skye. We need to get them here and working with you and your officers to plan the defense of Skye and of Winterfell.”

We spoke only a few minutes more before Wildstar took his leave to meet with his officers. Serra had formulated a plan to speak with her counterparts all over the Steamlands this very day. Then we embraced.  

“I’m off to prepare for the defense of Skye and to await the arrival of my clan,” I said just as one of Serra’s staff members brought a message for me into the room.  I read the note written in the distinct hand of Lady Kate Nicholas and then looked up at Serra.  

“Kate and Adso have arrived from the offices of the Royal Society and are convening a group of our top scientists to puzzle through the possibilities of Vulgarian technological advances.  Wonderful!  I’m off, Serra.  I’ll check in with you later tonight.”  And with that remark, I was out the door and on Bucephalus speeding my way home.